hi girls
hope evryone is ok today .
just need some advise ive been having what feels like heart palpatations for a few days now not sure what to do really do i go to docs or ring midwife or is this something that happens in pregnancy

any advice would be appreciated

thanks xxx


  • Hiya - think i have been having them too. not that often but sometimes notice it. I haven't spoken to dr or mw yet as has not been happening that often but will do if it carries on. Maybe it's to do with changes in blood pressure or blood flow or something? Anyone else had this?
  • Thanks mum2another1 - will you let us know if you do ask the doc? Ta hunny xxx
  • How many weeks are you?
    I was getting these with my last pregnancy from about 32 weeks. Mine were pretty bad and I was admitted to the hospital and put on a 24 hour heart trace monitor. They never gave me a reason as to why I was getting them and at 39 weeks they decided to induce me because the baby was putting to much strain on my heart. I would call the midwife if I were you.
  • Hi i just googled this and from what i read it is quite common. apparently to do with hormones god isnt everything!I would see doctor to be on safe side but at least you know that it sholdnt be anything to worry about good luckx
  • Thanx ladies - i am 19 weeks and it's not too bad at mo, only happens every few days and only for about 30 secs at a time. Will make sure that i talk to mw next time i see her or see dr if gets any worse xxx
  • Thanx love, glad we can all rest assured that its normal xxx
  • Hiya hun!! Well, that (apart from sore boobies) is the only pregnancy symptom I have!! Ben having heart palps and breathlessness since about 8 weeks! My midwife has told me that it's perfectly normal and is caused by the increase in blood around a pregnant woman's body! I hate it though!! Make me feel like an unfit heffer !!! ha ha!!
    Check out my avatar!! Saw our little peanut at the weekend! Paid for a private scan - it was sooooo exciting!!! It's confirmed that I'm just over 10 weeks!! YAAY!!!!!!!!
  • i sumtyms get them image im 27wks+4 today been gettin them for few weeks but just on/off never had them in my 1st pregwell nt that i can remember
  • I have them occasionally too. feels a bit wierd for an hour or so then they go away. Believe its due to the increase in blood flow going round! not to worry at least we all dont have dodgy tickers!!
  • hi girls thank you for your replies im glad im not on my own with this was starting to think i had heart problems or something

    thanks again

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