hun is there any update on your situation with oh? hope things are ok xx


  • that nite i just kinda broke down in tears and told him that if he wasnt in for the longhaul, he might aswell just go now and stop f**king me about. think i kinda shocked him a bit! but it seems to have done the trick and things the last few days have been great. am still staying cautious tho. i kinda scared him on sat nite as i had to go to hospital to get checked out coz i thought i might have been in early labour, but it was a false alarm. i think that kinda brought him back to reality a bit!! thankyou for asking hunni!! i really appreciate it!!

    love grace and bump 36 weeks xxxxx
  • aw thats brill, i'm pleased he's had his eyes opened a bit. it does sound as though you really stood up for yourself so well done!! hope things stay this way xx
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