2 Heartbeats?

Hi Ladies

For those of you have that a doppler can you ever hear 2 baby heart beats or ciould this jjust be an echo. today i can hear 1 really strong on the right and one over on the left??????????????


  • I think this happens to a lot of people? According to my midwife its the pulse going through the placenta. How many weeks are you? She said that even if you had twins, if you are early on in pregnancy they will both be in the same place, very low down and more toward the middle. I was picking up my own pulses for ages before i finally got the baby! xxxxx
  • i am 18+2. one is really strong like thumping and the other is pretty clear but just not as prominent! i have had a scan at 12 weeks and theres only one on the pic but not im wondering lol
    my mum is a twin x
  • Hi, are you sure one of them isn't your own? The babies heardbeat should be much faster than yours x
  • its defo not mine, they are both as fast as each other. i can hear mine sometimes but its obvious when it is mine x
  • I can hear two hun, one is like a proper thumping strong little heartbeat and the other is like an echoey, watery, squishy sort of version of the same heartbeat (if you get what I mean lol!!!) I just assume its the placenta or an echo



  • I can hear 2 (obviously as there ARE 2 lol) but one is always louder and closer to the surface. But even then,sometimes I think I hear 3,I think it's the way they lie,sometimes I can only hear the hb directly over the heart,sometimes I can hear it from way off! Unless you get two every time don't worry. xx 20+3
  • I can here one that sounds like a swishy noice which I think is the placenta. Then there is one that's more like galloping or a fast game of tennis

    20+1 x
  • I would agree with the others and say you're probably hearing the placenta. I would think its quite uncommon for twins to go unoticed on a scan these days!

    Bec 32 weeks today x
  • I'd say its def. the placenta you can hear too!

    Angus's HB ALWAYS sounds like galloping horses and if it sounds like a steam train or swooshing / swishing we know thats the placenta.

    Joo xxx
    35w today!!!
  • i got my doppler yesterday and i am 11weeks with twins. i had a go with it last night and we believe we found the heartbeats, they were definitely heartbeat sounds. but everyone keeps saying that the babies heartbeats should be so much faster than mine. to be honest they didnt sound that much faster, so do you think it is possible that i havent heard them and it is my heart beats sound travelling that low down?
  • Hey guys, when listening to heartbeats, you will prob pick up your pulse (as there is an artery that runs down behind the uterus), a swishing sound which is the umbilical cord, a fainter swishing which is the placenta, and a strong fast heartbeat of the baby. It is confusing but when you here the strong, clear fast beat of the baby it is quite unmistakable. Can take a while to find it-especially in the earlier weeks as baby moves around a lot.
  • when i was overdue and had my sweep the mw picked up 2 heartbeats and it was so convincing she actually couldn't tell which was the echo and which was JJ and cuz one was higher up she thought it was breech, when i was being induced they actually listened to the echo on the monitor cuz it was a stronger sound than JJs! x

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  • thanks ladies! i shall take it that its an echo, bambino must have one strong heartbeat! thank you xxxx image
  • hey little miss thats probably your heartbeat youre hearing as the babies heartbeats will literally be almost twice as fast as yours - when I first started using mine I checked my pulse with one hand and used the doppler with the other so I knew it definitely wasnt mine



  • thanks LH86, i just didnt think it would pick my heartbeat up that low down! lol! like someone else said though it must be my pulse i am hearing! i will have another go tonight. i did hear swishing, so i must be nearby!
    thanks girls
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