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Back ache - is there anything????

HI girls
I'm really suffering with my back - not a low pain but higher up and on my right side. I do have a bad back anyway unfortunately and was warned it could flair up in pregnancy.
I'm pretty much fine during the day but it's when i'm relaxed at home on a night and then trying to sleep is becoming a nightmare!!
Hubby gives me a lovely massage every night and that helps but i don't know what else to do?? I've barely slept and was sat downstairs crying, feeling very sorry for myself, at half past 1 this morning! :cry:

Is there *anything* that would help? :\?


  • i seem to get exactly the same as you! its horrible isnt it?! and ive found myself in tears a couple of times too. theres not really much ive found to work though. a hot bath is always a suggestion although at that time of night i find i fall asleep in the bath so dont bother with that much. ive been told to take paracetamol but i think thats the most useless painkiller in pregnancy (just my opinion!). however, i have midwife at 3pm today so will ask her what she can suggest and will let u no!!!

    k x 38+6
  • Thanks hun - it's horrid isn't it? I haven't taken any paracetamol but not that keen on doing so anyway as can't see it helping *that* much.
    I have a nice soak in a Radox bath every night but for some reason it seems to flair it up!

    Hope the midwife suggests something to try and help xx
  • Hi Kelly,

    Would a heat pad help? I quite regularly get back pain and one of those electric heat pads really help. You can also alter the heat so its not too hot but hot enough to help the pain. They also switch off automatically after 90 or so minutes so it might help you get to sleep.

    Hope you feel better soon


  • yeah it is really bad image im not a fan of paracetamol either. just coz its such a waste of time for me. have u got any aromatherapy oils to put in bath?!
    jasmine or lavender is best ive found. just dont fall asleep lol.

    talk soon xxx
  • Hi Ladybird - can you use them in pregnancy? Good thinking, i do have some already at home so will try one tonight and (fingers crossed) means i can sleep!

  • As far as i know they should be ok, especially if its on your back. You can always diffuse the heat slightly with a towel or something if you feel it is too hot.

    Here's what i have found online:

    Is it safe to use a heating pad for sore muscles during pregnancy?

    Expert Answers
    Russell Turk, obstetrician

    Using a heating pad while you're pregnant is safe. When applied to a specific area of the body, a heating pad can provide relief without raising your core body temperature.

    If your core temperature gets elevated early on in pregnancy, it can increase the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. This is why women are advised to avoid hot tubs and saunas while pregnant.

    Pain can be a sign of potentially serious complications, such as a detached placenta or a uterine rupture, so alert your doctor if your pain is not obviously from overexertion.

    Tekoa King, certified nurse-midwife

    A heating pad applied to sore muscles or aching joints won't harm your baby, because moderate heat applied to one area of your body won't raise your overall blood temperature. And there's no evidence that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) pose any danger to developing babies.

    The other thing that was mentioned was that if it feels more like muscle pain then a cool pack may be more effective. :\) Hope something works for you x
  • i used hot water bottle loads in later weeks for back pain.
  • Thanks Ladybird - that's really helpful xxx

    Good idea clare - i haven't tried a hot water bottle yet so will have to try that one!

    Thanks girls - oh the joys image
  • hey kelly,
    spoke to midwife and she said that its just another unfortunate pregnancy symptom!? if u r still struggling though, try the heat packs and baths etc, if it doesnt work, ring your midwife. hope u feel better

    k x 38+6
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