Period Pains


Today I have felt Kai move about quite a bit so I am not worried about him. But I keep getting what can only be described as period pains on and off, they don't hurt it's more like an ache. Was wondering if this is normal? my hips also hurts and I still have the shooting pain in my bum/lower back when I get up. Could this all be related? perhaps somthing I should talk to my dr about.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • I would speak to your mw / doc but it sounds as if you could be starting with spd,
    good luck hope all is well at your end
  • Hey Lottie,

    Are you still preggo? lol How much longer have you got now?

    I don't like the sound of spd what a nightmare image I will speak to dr.

    Husband is a changed man, for over a month he has behaved like a normal human being, lets hope he keeps it up image

  • I have just spoken to a mw at the hospital and she was the nicest lady in the whole world. She said I couldn't of chosen a better day to be in pain lol as she has appointment for me to have physio tomorrow she said it was Pelvic Gurdel (sp) pain, not entirely sure what that is but I will look it up. She also said everything I was describing sounded exactly like it. My symptoms are:

    Clicking bones
    Period pains
    Very sore achey hips
    Shooting pains in my bottom image

  • I have had this currently having it at the mo what spd? or what te name or reason for it? will ring mid wife to check but at work at the mo... xx
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