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Hi all

I am looking for some advice re being refferred to a physio from a midwife.

When i had my booking in appointment at 13 wks on 19th dec my midwife said she would refer me then as it takes a while and i had been having back problems.

I contacted her again at the beginning of Jan to chase it up and she said she had done it but would send another referal off to make sure.

This week my back seems to be getting worse and i also am having a lot of pain and grinding and clicking in my hips when i get up.

I was wondering how long other people have had to wait for a physio appointment and what i should do next




  • I had a referral made by my docs on Monday 21st Jan for physio for SPD and I had my assessment date through by the end of that weeks - its 12th Feb! My midwife told me that the doctor had to do the referral as she couldnt - but different areas have different policies dont they.

    Would defo get in touch with the physio dept if I was you
    Take care
    Love Lee xxxxxx
  • I'm a physio (tho I don't work in womens' health). In our department, they would process your referral pretty quickly. They may have a waiting list for appointments, or may run group sessions as obviously lots of pg women suffer with back and pelvic pain, you may be sitting in a pile waiting for a letter to come out to you. But obviously there's a time limit to your pregnancy!! I would phone them and check your midwife has definitely sent the referral, and definitely tell them if you're in worse pain as they should prioritise you then. Good luck!
  • Hi Hun - I had to wait 8 weeks for mine, although it did include xmas and new year and I thin kthe one physio in my area was off then! Good luck, xx
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