any name suggestions?

I have a bit of a challenge for you if you want to take part?

I am trying to compile a list of both boy and girl names. We need both as we wont find out the sex until the birth. There is a few things: my husband and I love unusual names, we dont like common or traditional names.

Our daughter is called Teya-Mei (my husband is chinese/british) so we have tried to tie it all in. Our surname is Lim. (so can't have Scarlet Lim or Violet Lim or similar as they sound like tropical diseases!!!)

so far we have:

Xander - boy
Dara - is for boy or girl
Dana - girl
Anya - girl

any ideas??


  • What about Keisha for a girl (pronounced Kay-sha)? I like the name Jayden or Kayden for a boy too.


  • I would love to be able to have an unusual name, I love Seren for a girl but hubby is a bit more traditional.

    We've decided on Lucy Freya and Zachary Joseph.

    sorry not much help i know!

    Cas 34+1
  • I had thought of Jayden and Cayden; however there seems to be a lot of them around at the moment where I live.

    I also love the names Lucy and Freya, however my name is Lucie and my daughters name is Teya - I think it will get very confusing!
  • Kimora's little girls are called Aoki and Ming and I think they are cute for oriental heritage.
  • awww they're sweet I like them, thank you.
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