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Hi girls

People are asking me what age clothes they should buy for the baby? Do I say new born even though they grow so fasr at that stage and are sick a lot or do I say 3-6 months will that last her longer?

K xx


  • If I were you I would tell different people different ages so that you get her first years wardrobe sorted!! lol
  • LOL good idea hee hee I have bought a few little outfits as well and not sure what to get new born or 3-6?

    K xx
  • I discovered the minefield of "early baby" "newborn" and "0-3 months" and momentarily panicked, lol!!

    I have bought a few fairly cheap newborn clothes myself then asked people to get either 0-3 or 3-6 months. Bearing in mind that my little girlie, like yours, has long legs, I have asked people to get stuff with open toes (though like my mum said you can always snip the toes of outfits off) x
  • I have asked for 3+ months as i've got enough newborn stuff for two babies!!
  • I agree, its hard!
    We dont know what we are having, so we are trying to get people to not get us much untill baby arrives as I know then i will just want to dress it in blue or pink, not just neutral colours!

    But we have been telling everyone that we expect to be having a large baby too, so I have mainly 0-. months things so far.
  • we have loads of newborn and 0-3 month stuff we are asking for outfits and that in 3-6 as wont put baby in outfits before then will just wear baby grows or playsuits.
    brooke never wore any of her newborn she went straight in to 0-3 so got plenty of both incase this one misses newborn too!
  • Yeah it is really hard. I have been telling my mum tp pik up 3-6 months as I think she will get more use out of them.

    K xx
  • hi ya if you tell people to get differant sizes please bear in mind and let them know whether it will be winter or summer clothing to buy otherwise you'll end up with clothes fitting at the wrong time of year this is a problem i had when my little girl was born by the time we got to summer the winter stuff people bought her when she was born fit her and went unworn which was such a shame xx xx

  • I would definitely tell people 0-3 or 3-6, but remember to tell them to think seasonally and buy clothing that will be suitable weather wise by the time your little one is that age - you don't want to find yourself with lots of summery clothes in 3-6 when its November and freezing.
    Jo xxx
  • You could also suggest that people buy you vouchers for somewhere like mothercare so you can buy your lo bits and pieces as and when you need it.
    It is very hard to know what size stuff you will need, everyone told me when I had my first not to bother buying hardly any newborn stuff as they would hardly wear it. As it was (despite going 4 days overdue) my lo was only 7lb4oz and 48cm long and the newborn stuff was huge on him! I ended up buying some smaller 50cm stuff for him which lasted him a few weeks, then the newborn stuff lasted him until he was about 2 months old. Now he is 14 months old and still in 9-12 month clothes, I have loads of winter and summer stuff that people bought for him that he has never worn because he wasn't into that size clothing yet.

    Basic stuff like packs of vests/ body suits/ sleepsuits is always good though as it doesn't really matter what time of year it is you will use it. xxx
  • I'm asking for things that are 3 months onwards, as more likely to use little outfits then. By then it will be November so hoping people will bear that in mind!!

  • i was the same as lizB, everyone told me not to bother getting much newborn clothes as they grow out of it so fast, we had a few things in newborn and dispite me going a full week over due isabelle was 7lb3 and all the newborn things were massive and for the first week she was in small/tiny baby outfits... then the newborn lasted her about 6/8 weeks. she caught up as she got older and by 6 months she was in 3/6 or 6/9 months.
    because every baby is different you should make sure you have a few different sizes.

  • Yeah it is really hard as there sems to onlybe summer things out as well. Mum got me a few summer bits but said I can wrap her up when taking her out as my mum's house is always boiling she is always cold LOL so wont want to wrap Rose up too much then.

    I think your right about vouchers and stuff though my family are crazy and all really want to buy out fits you know. I think the vests and baby grows are th way to go though.

    K xx
  • Lily was born on and is following the 50th centile (ie she's Little Miss Average) and 0-3 month clothes were too big for her until she hit 2 1/2 months - so she was in her newborn stuff for ages. She's now almost 4 months and only just beginning to get too big for 0-3.

    I didn't realise you'd chosen a name for your little girl - it's SO beautiful! :\)
  • I have got all sorts of sizes hun my mum has even got me some clothes for like 6-9 months



  • PT - thank you image yeah we picked it a few weeks ago we have both always loved that name, she will be Rose Louise image

    Thanks girls, I am thinking mostly sleepsuits and baby grows for when she is born and then out fits later. I think I will say 3-6 months mostly.

    My nan was great and did a huge basket full of baby lotion and shampoo and cotton wool and stuff and wipes , that stuff you go through as well image

    K xx

  • Id say ask for a range of sizes as you really never know how big baby will be. Bethany was 5lb 10oz when born so we ddnt have anything small enough to fit her - shes 2months old tomorrow and has only just gone into newborn size clothes, then she has loads of stuff up to 1month before she even gets into her 0-3. We got tonnes of newborn and 0-3 size clothes which is great, esp 0-3 as i didnt buy anything that size. I would say remnd people of seasonal clothing too as ive got lots of winter bits for size 3-6 and by the time she is in those it will be summer. Most shops are really good about exchanging stuff tho.
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