How bad is stress for bump?

Hi girls,

Everone seems to say don't get stressed it's bad for the baby... I just wondered how much this is the case...

My husband has to go into hospital for knee surgery next Tuesday and I Am simply beside myself with worry... I don't mean to be selfish or self indulgent but I can't stop worrying. I'm worrying about every little detail like will he be comfortable on the beds... To what if he has memory loss and forgets me and lo and bump... To what if he just dies...ll a bit silly I know. I can't sleep properly which is not helping me cope and j have a constant headache. So will bump be ok, I'm almost 18 weeks pg now. Anyone got any good stress coping tips? I just don't deal with Anxiety at all well it seems. Oh and to just be a little more self indulgent, this is how I felt after I had dd1 just full of anxiety for weeks, I thought number 2 would be different easier to cope with post birth and all my worry then was due to being a firsT time mum but now I'm worried that actually I just can't deal with stress and I'm going to fall apart again with this surgery and when bump comes along... I thought I was strong. Anyway thanks for reading.

One stressed mummy x

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  • hiya, don't have any advice just that stress is bad for bumps for a few reasons, 1) they can feel your physical reaction, heartbeat and tension, 2) it raises your blood pressure, never good in pregnancy, and 3) it's been shown that the more stressed you are in pregnancy your stress hormones can transfer to the make the baby more fussy and more prone to anxity when they're older.

    Know it's probably not what you want to hear, I am naturally very anxious and a great worrier and trying very hard to be as calm as poss, not always possible when you're thrown into stressful sits. I'm sure the op will have no serious long term complications and OH will be as good as new long before bump arrives xx
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