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Sorry to ask such a personal question, but I don't know who to approach about this. I hope you don't mind me asking.

DH and I are confused about whether to get this scan or not. I'm 30. Is this something you are supposed to do or not, as the hospital have been very vague about it? All they have said is we need to decide by next week??? Has anyone else made a decision?

Thanks xxxxxxxx


  • hi i had scan n thought everyone automatically got it ??
  • ive been wondering this too. only 8 weeks at the moment. i'm 27 will be 28 when lo is born. dont know what the risk is for women my age.
  • It's up to you. Our area doesn't offer the nuchal scan but it does offer the 16 week blood test. I declined the blood test. I'm 19 so risk is not high anyway. I might have had it if I was over 35, because the risk increases, and I would've liked to prepare for a special needs baby etc. xxx

  • Its usually done at your 12 week scan and can be assessed up to 14weeks. I couldnt have it as i didnt know i was expecting until 13 weeks and first scan was at 15 weeks. I did have the blood test though even though im relatively low risk at 27 years old but wanted to make sure and be informed prior to the birth. Bloods were all normal. It is up to you though as are having any scans at all - you dont have to have anything if you dont want it.

    HTH a bit!!;\)
    Zo xx
  • hi where i live we automatically have this scan as part of the 12 week scan, if i remember rightly it has to be done between 11-14 weeks. they just measuring an area at the back of the neck and that determines the risk for downs syndrom i think. i am only 24 (23 at time) and i had this as well as blood test.
  • Im not offered the scan as they don't do them at my hospital. I go for my 15 week check in a fortnight and will be counselled for the blood test then and if we go for it I can have blood taken at the blood clinic before we leave
  • Hi Em,
    Firstly congratulations - how many weeks are you now?? I' m really pleased for you!

    I remember getting myself worked up about all this stuff but when the time came it was a bit of a non issue as far as the midwife was concerned. I am the same age as you and i think its only after 35 that age is a reasonable consideration. I think they checked the back of the neck automatically at the 12 week scan as i am pretty sure they can see there and then if there is a likihood of a problem or need for further tests - i know my scan report mentions nuchal skin. Also, i was going to say no to the blood tests but the midwife kind of talked me out of it and said information was a good thing as as least you would have time to prepare for a special need child if that's what the result showed and i did see her point. Hope this helps a bit.

    Good luck with everything x
  • Hi. We chose to have the nuchal scan done privately as we only get blood tests at 16 weeks where we live. It's completely a perosnal decision whether you decide to have it or not. It's more accurate than the blood tests you can have done, but it still just a screening test and will not give you a definite yes or no answer. I was 28 (now 29) when I had the test and came back as high risk - something I wasn't expecting. We decided to have an amnio to get final diagnosis. You can only get the nuchal scan between 11+4 and 13+6. All I can advise is tto hink carefully about the screening result you might get back and what you would do if you didn't get the result you wanted. Hope this helps xx
  • Hi- congratulations!!
    In my area this scan isn't offered from the nhs, we did however have the 16 week blood tests. Thankfully they came back ok. It took alot of conversations for us to decide to have these tests because you need to also think of the next step after the tests!!
    Hope all goes well for you good luck!
    Lydia xx
  • It's not offered routinely in my area so I paid ??190 for it this week. By age alone my risk was 1 in 800 ish but after special blood test and scan I was given 1 in 8600 so has put my mind at ease.
    I just wanted to be better informed and couldn't wait until 16 weeks for normal blood tests.
    I agree with Claire - do what you think is right. Not everyone wants to know and some do so they either have choices or can prepare better.
    Good Luck whatever you decide xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you all for your guidance.

    After many discussions, we have decided to go ahead with the test as it will help us to seek further information should we need to.

    Wishing you all the best xxxxxxxxxx

  • Was sorry to read about your mc Mrs Greggy. I hope you're doing ok.
    Sending lots of love xxxxxxxx
  • We don't get a NT scan in our area so I went private and paid for a combined NT scan/blood test. I'm 33. It wasn't about what choice we'd make if it came back high risk - that's a very personal thing that no one should judge but either way we wanted to be prepared. Mine was worth every penny.
  • I agree Redpod. I'm sure the knowledge will be worth every penny. We will have to pay privately too as it isn't offered in our area xxxxxxxxxx
  • Em1978 - I went to Spire (formerly BUPA) in Bristol for my scan as they do the bloods and scan on the same day and give you the score within the hour. It cos just under ??200. The consultant spent quality time with us and we got a much better look (and pictures) than we did through our NHS scan.

    Best of wishes whatever you decide.

  • Em1978 - I didn't have a mc. Still have a very active baby boy growing inside of me. Only 8 weeks til we meet him! The high risk result we got from the nuchal screening test was the shock result we weren't expecting. Thankfully though, an amnio confirmed all was ok with our little one xx
  • Many apologies mrs greggy - I really don't know where I got that from?? I'll blame it on all the sickness and confusion of early pregnancy! I'm delighted to hear that all is well with your little man. I can imagine the news was a shock initially and am so pleased that the tests caused you and your bubs no harm, although I'm sure it was a very emotional time for you.

    All the best for you and your family. Not long now til you get to meet your new arrival. How exciting!
    Sending lots of love Em xxxxxxxxxxx
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