blood pressure faint ignore this 1 posted twice by accident

sorry posted twice by accident

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  • Hi princessjane im pretty much the same as you 5"1 and 7.5 stone. (was also only 6 pound something when born)I generally eat what i want too but luckily stay small. I wonder if i will have the same problem as you? I would say though don't overeat because you will just feel worse and bloated, maybe eat some extra bread or something as that's quite stodgy but im sure if the baby if fine then its all ok.

    Im sure as you get further along you'll be wondering why you ever worried about putting on extra weight! Also our bodies are good at telling us whether or not we need some more food, especially when pg as i have found lol so if you don't want to eat extra then you probably don't need to!

    good luck and im sure you'll be fine xx
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