Clear Blue conception indicator! x

Hey Girls!

Been to the doctors this morning no idea of how far along I am, going to a diffrent hospital this time, am thinking of a home birth but I think my OH will pass out if I bring the subject up :lol:

I am being sent for an 'emergency scan' but could take weeks so not much of an emergency!! :lol: so I have bought a Clear Blue Conception Indicator which basic is mean to tell you HOW pregnant you are!

So I am just about to do it! image

Just letting you know for those who are intrested in finding out how far along I am with me! x


  • Oh yes i would like to know hun. When was ur last period then? let me know....x
  • oh damn it just ate my first post!!!

    What i said was hun - i am def interested and would like to know how far gone you are!!

    When was your last period or did you have irregular cycles?

    Let me know....
  • Yeah I have PCOS and had lost a lot of blood after my last birth (6 months ago) so wasn't back to normal! says I'm '3 weeks +' all it goes up to and tells you to add another 2 weeks like the doctor does! x
  • Wow!!!! that means you are at LEAST 5 weeks pregnant!! Congratulations!! Hope you get your scan soon hun, i have an "emergancy scan" through my dr and that was a week from him referring me
    Lisa - 12 weeks today!! XX
  • Congrats hun. 5 weeks preg. have u had any symptoms? x x
  • congrats.

  • Congratulations hun, nice to find out your 5 weeks already.
  • Well I'm not sure how far along I am - at lease 5 weeks! Felt a bit sick - but had eaten fish & I don't like it & it always makes me feel really ill but just try it every now and then to check I hadn't 'out grown it!' :lol: Slight back ache and a bit tired! But it's normal to be tired as I have a 6 month old! :lol:
    No sore boobies - no vomitting - no weird cravings... nothing major so far! With my last I knew at 2 weeks - I have sort of had an incerling (sp) for a little while but never really dawned on me that it was a serious thought :lol: x
  • ohh be due with me, please, sept 14th please, mine said 3 plus 2 weeks ago and my last period was 8th dec ish, ohhh natalie ow exciting ! we can compare bumps at next london meet
  • Sando I'll beat you hands down i'm already showing haha as I havent got rid of my post baby belly after the last one! lol x
  • how exciting!! i did one of those tests as i havent had af after grace and it was correct.Had an early scan the other day and im just over 8 weeks xxx
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