completely unrelated to pregnancy

but i wondered if you lovely ladies could list what your favourite meals are. Im getting really fed up with thinking of things to cook for food and need some inspiration - so i thought who better to ask? xx


  • Lasagne, stir fry, cottage pie, fish pie, fish and chips, pizza and coleslaw, roast dinner, cheesy pasta, pasta with veg and tomato sauce, fish veg and potatoes, sausage and mash, quiche and salad.
    I'm hungry now, soon time 4 tea!
  • This post is going to set off some pregnancy cravings i can tell... image

    But, mine are Sausage mash and beans (a bit kids menuish but a classic!), tuna pasta bake, fajitas and paella - yum yum! xxx
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  • tubs of icecream!! lol no appetite atm but normally...
    lasagne, moussaka, macaroni cheese, steak yummmm, curry, casserole in pancakes! oh and fish finger butties :lol: xxx

  • mmmmmmmmmm fish finger butties - we all love them in my house image

    I love making a trad stew - cubed beef, onions, carrots, leeks, potato and celery simmered in good old oxo gravy! Love shepherds pie, pasta bolognese, trad roasts and sometimes make up mince with peas, carrots and onions cooked in nice thick bisto gravy served up with yummy mash potato. Aslo very yummy is steak, chips n salad, or anything with salad n cloeslaw!! Good one for a snack or a lunch is hotdogs with a chunk of buttered french bread! I'm starving now lol
  • Just had fresh, warm homemade bread with cheeses, ham, salmon, hummus etc - lish!!

    Bon Appetit!

    7 days to go
  • Pasta with Sacla sauce on it, covered in melted cheese! I live on cheesy pasta or cheese and beans. Haha, I'm a big kid, dreading when lo grows up and I have to make proper meals with vegetables!!! xxx
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