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obviously a bit embarrassing but does anyone know if these are ok, and have you and your partner used them while pregnant, and if so what kind? i am talking more avibrator type not anything crazy, im thinking it be ok cause sex is ok but anyone got any thoughts?


  • Hiya laura, ive carried on using my rabbit during pregnancy! And havent had a problem, if sex is ok then i thought this would be! The only problem i have had is cramp after having an orgasm, but i get that when orgasm through sex. I wouldnt worry about it! x
  • thanks i was starting to think no-one was going to answer lol!. i dont actually have one yet but my sex drive has somewhat increased in pregnancy and we been thinking of getting something, might go and have a look at ann summers now!
  • ?My sex drive has increased! Going through batterys like theres no tommorow lol, I would DEFFINATELY recommend getting a rabbit!! Hehe
  • thanks for the tip will have a look on their site just now!
  • I have a rabbit as well and have used it since being pregnant with no problems! On my own and with oh. I haven't had any problems except at 5 weeks or so I used it and afterwards started bleeding like mad, all this gross brown blood, sorry tmi. I was bleeding a lot in 1st 12 weeks anyway tho so I don't think that caused it. If u search on for 'sex toys' it will give you a page about them and it says they're safe unless you're using them for anal and vaginal use and not washing in between (like who'd do that!!! lol!)
    Philippa, 23+2 xxxx
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