Strange tummy bump already??!!

Hi pg ladies!

I'm new to these pages so wanted to say "Hi" to everybody - I just "introduced" myself on the other thread.

Just feeling a little bit wierded-out really at the mo...not quite 4 weeks gone yet and suddenly I have got a funny bump above my belly button that appeared at 3 wks + 4.

I'm only 5ft 1, so I suppose there's not much room for everything to move up in there, but didn't expect to feel it so high up already? :\?

I realised that my uterus will expand but didn't think it happened yet!

Has anybody else eaperienced this?

Finding it a bit scary!!!

Hope some can maybe reassure me!

Iz x


  • hia n welcome to the pregnancy forum!Not quite sure if im any help as it is v early to experience this but i can say that in this pregnancy i was wearing maternity clothes before i was 3 mths gone so i did start to show very quickly!!good luck with your pregnancy,hanna 31+2 image xx
  • seems a bit early but what you might find is your internal organs get squished up a bit, my top half bulged up before I had a proper bump, give your height you may find this happens sooner, aparently my MIL was huge, she's just under 5 foot, so even though it's not baby bump, it can be caused by baby, if that makes sense!
  • Thanks for your wise words ladies!

    I have now decided it's not really an alien in there trying to get out after all! Hoping it's not twins though!!
    Will definitely be picking my doctors brains tomorrow to see what she thinks...

    Definitely feeling like my top half is bulging out mummylisa80 as you say - nothing much down low just up top, very bizarre!

    Iz x

    Just been for my first docs appt this morning and been given my Primips pack.

    I asked her about my funny high bump and she has a look and said it is my stomach that is inflamed and bulging out!
    went away with a large prescription for Gaviscon and i have been told not to eat spicy or acidic foods for the moment and hopefully it should slowly go down! Tee hee :roll:

    At least I haven't got my dates wrong, was beginning to think I was maybe 8 weeks not 4 weeks pg as my last period was light...

    Iz x

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