Help! Seeing the Anesthetist later!

Hi all

I had totally forgotten about my appointment today! Its fine, my boss knew etc. but I feel a bit un-prepared about what to expect.

I was referred because of my size and the consultant told me it was to check my suitability on whether or not I can have an epidural / have a general in case of emergency etc.

However, I've read online that some overweight women are told they have to have 'early' epidurals in case of emergency c-section, it has to be given early in overweight women. Why, I have no idea!!! Does anyone know if this is true.

I am not against having an epidural, but I'd like to think I will at least try and cope as naturally as possible.


Joo xxx


  • hiya joo, i dont know if its particularly true that they give an epidural early on in case of emergency, but if they do then they should be ably to just site the tube in your back but not put any drugs in. That way the line is in if needed but does not have to be used. Hope you get an answer today! xxx
  • I think it's just because it can take a little more time to put an epidural in because it's harder to clearly separate the vertebrae whereas skinny minnies spies stick outimage I found when i had mine (i'm squeezing into a size 16 so not too bad but definitly overweight) that i just rounded my back as much as possible and really concentrated on being as still as possible and sticking my spine out! They can only give you an epidural with your permission, so if you don't want an early one you don't have to have it! It sounds very old fashioned to me, i'm sure your anaethatist will be more than capable of popping one in for you if and when you need it x
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