Apologies girls........(3rd trimester) UPDATE!!!

Hi girls,

Just wanted to say sorry for my miserable post yday, I tried to stay away form this site but its become my new best friend (thanks to you guys) so have come back today trying to feel more positive.

Baby still snug as a bug and am now 3 days overdue but on a positive note thats only 11days max and hopefully they will induce me.....

Not gonna keep moaning about it now as I know there is a few other people who are overdue and have they have been dignified enough not to winge like me but I am soooooooo impatitent!!!! lol........

A Very Fat Katie and a Very Shy bambino.x x x

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  • don't worry hon, i still got 2 weeks till due date and i'm already feeling fed up of waiting, esp as mw said we are ready to go and all the signs are positive. praying i don't go too overdue, i went 8 days over last time and was the most whingiest, grumpiest, emotional, hideous person ever. and i reserve the right to be like that again if i go over this time!!!!
    fingers crossed for you honey
    Claudia xxxxx
  • Aw chick - no need to apologise on here - it's the only place we can moan and be understood!

    I'm going to really concentrate today and send you some big fat contracting thoughts - let me know if they work!

    Hugs and lots of baking coming your way....
    (I'm not going to mention it!)
  • hi girls!
    i can symapthise totally - my first was overdue, and i used to hate answering the phone, cos someone on the other end would say "oh, still not had it then!" i could think of lots of 4 letter words i wanted to use at that point, followed by "off"!!
    hopefully will be here soon........
  • I too can sympathis my first was 10 days overdue and I was truely sick of waiting and people keep asking if I'd had it yet etc, hope it happend soon x
  • Hi Katie
    sorry bambino still hasn't arrived, it's so hard to try and think of anything else, when every day you wake up thinking is this the day? Or going to bed thinking it's all gonna kick off and then waking and realising you got through another night without starting off.

    I just got back from gp, I know I'm not overdue yet, 5 days left but really thought she'd be here now and disappointed that she hasn't moved any further down since 2 weeks ago and is still 3/5ths!!!

    Well sending you lots of luck that your contractions will start soon and you get to meet bambino very soon.
    Em x
  • Hi Katie - dont feel bad! Everyone is the same when they're overdue....Try and plan something for every day so you're not bored! I was so bored when I was overdue I walked 30 minutes to the dr's for my midwife appointment just to kill some time when I could've drove!!!
    * UNsticky babydust *! xxxxxx
  • LOL girls, Thankyou soo much, I knew you would all cheer me up and understand....
    God I hope we all still have time to log on as will realy be lost without you lot!!!
    I'm sitting here thinking I'm winging now, can't imagine what I'm gonna be like when I'm sleep deprived, covered in sick and step son having a paddy...maybe being overdue isn't that bad!!!! lol...

    Here's hoping we all have LOs soon and to all that have had theirs, thanks for keeping my hopes up.

    Katie.x x x
  • awww hun. The end is in sight at least! It'll be over soon and you'll have that beautiful little baby in your arms. Are you doing things to try and bring the labour on?
  • Thanks hun. Yeah I think I have tried every trick in the book apart from drinking oil!!! Have flown my white flag at mother nature now and am gonna leave it down to her!!!! lol...

    Katie x x x
  • Well just want to shout a huge bloody ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    I've been in agony all day (didn't want to say anything earlier) Took my stepson to playschool and couldn't walk through the door, lady came running out thinking I was in labour and they sat me down for 10 mins. I rang the hospital and they told me to go straight up. I could hardly drive, think I was doing 5mph!! I knew it wasn't labour as it wasn't contractions I was getting just severe pain and my piles had burst out my bum ( sorry if TMI)

    Couldn't find babies hb for a few mins and midwife called to get somebody else as hadn't felt baby at all today so I started panicing. Other midwife felt my belly and said baby was back to back!!!!........heartbeat was found, was a lil' high but soon leveled out.

    The pain in my bum is due to the weight form baby being back to back and honest I can't walk and sitting down is just as bad. Have been given some steroid cream to try and shrink piles. The pain in my front is babies head, its fully engaged and its just the pressure from that.

    So now I really don't want baby to come yet until s/he has turned.................

    Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so much for positive thinking and no more winging!!!

    Anyway, hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!
    Lots of positive vibes

    Katie.x x x
  • awww bless ya dont let bambino come now coz believe me u need to sort those piles out first i didnt have a chance b4 summer came and they got so so so so much worse with the pushing lol the things we go through!!
    glad u and bambino r well tho xxx
  • I had them years ago and have been soo lucky throughout prenancy that they havn't caused any pain but OMG there is no mistaking their presence now!!! My doctor and midwife have already agreed I should have them operated on while I am in hospital after the birth...grrrreeeat!!! Mind you ,might as well get it all done and dusted while its a mess down there!!!! lol.....
    x x x
  • oh hun, sorry to hear about your pain - u have every right to whinge now!!!
    sending hugs, hope you and your poor bottom feel better real soon..
    if you can manage spend a bit of time on all fours as it may help get lo back where she should be...my first was back to back so i spent the last few weeks crawling around the house!!!
    14 days to go xxxxx
  • Bless Katie, I hope your day gets better soon! Thinking of you. Tammi xxx

  • i still am a mess down there piles and stitches nice!!!
    i keep getting kirk to check everything coz im convinced i keep bursting my stitches lol
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