Age for sterilisation?

Does anyone know under what circumstances will they give you a sterilisation? I'm 22 have 1 child 1 on the way and I know i don't want to be pregnant again. I just feel so restricted being pregnant and I can't deal with another one.

Will they say no straight away?


  • My friend was sterilised at 25, but she really had to fight her corner (she had 5 children, and knew she had to have a c-section birth so she convinced them it was best to do it all together) she has never regretted it.

    For men they recommend waiting for sterilisation until the youngest child has reaced a year old (think due to the risk of cot death). My dh has enquired and they would do it on him n he is 28.

    Im on no.3 and i know im not ready to be sterilised however if i fall with no.4 I would know that i wouldnt want any more and would really fight for a sterilisation, im 25 now.

    If you are 100% sure it is def worth discussing with your m/w or doc xxDBxx

  • I think they'll almost definitely say no. a) because of your age - they always think about if you split up with your oh and meet someone else etc and b) because you've only got 2 kids.

    I'm having a sterilisation at the same time as my section in 12 days, but I'm 37 and have had 4 children, 3 of which will have been by section but even I was asked (albeit very casually) if I thought I'd had enough children!

    Sorry mate - looks like you might have to look at other options!

  • I think its absoultely essential that your 100% on it. Maybe wait and see how you feel once you've had the baby and its a year old? But I think if after that your 110% sure its the right thing to do its worth discussing with your doctor and really fight your corner.
  • Like Zoey says I am sure it has an age restricition on the nhs. My sister is currently trying to have it done but they won't do it as she is only 24. I know my mates sil has had it done at 34 but she had to fight for years to get it done. Tammi xxx

  • Hi i am currently trying to get sterilised i will be 28 and have had 3 children after this one and 110% know i want no more children even if me and hubby split up i know i dont want anymore, mentioned it to mw she said wait and see how i feel after had lo etc. But have had conflicting advice my friend is 30 she has only had 2 children and they sterilised her when she was 28, but my other friends aunty is 36 and has had 4 children yet they wont sterilise her its mad, i think if you get a good doctor who will fight your corner then you might have a chance.

    If i have to have a c-section i was wanting them to sterilse me but i dont know im gonna go and see my doctor and if no joy then wait til i have had lo and see a different doc and pester them until they do. good luck.
    vikki xx
  • This wasnt something that had crossed my mind til I saw my consultant a few weeks ago and he just asked if I wanted it done. I wasnt too sure but my SPD has got sooo bad and its my 3rd c/section so I am having it done at the same time in 2 wks. Thing is I am 38 and I know I found it a very difficult decision to make so unless you really fight and give very good valid reasons I would not think they would do it. Also, having read the other posts it doesnt sound too promising - sorry!
  • Hi ya my friend is 25 & has 4 children, she has been going to the doctors since she was 23 before she had the last one & they refused to do it. She has been again since she had number 4 & they still wont do it.

    She fell pregnant whilst using contraception but they are taking no notice of her.

    As someone above said, they will do it on medical grounds or if you say it is affecting you psychologically they may consider it.

    What about your oh, will he consider doing it???

    Tess xxx
  • I looked on the NHS website and they said some surgeons are reluctant to do it before 30, but it's not impossible to find one that will do it. It also says I will need counciling to make sure I'm making the right decision.

    I just can't go through another pregnancy no matter how much I want a baby. I hate it so much. I think that if I did desperate to have another i would pay a surrogate mum to have the baby for me using my eggs and my partners sperm/ I know that sounds outrageous but that's how strongly i feel.

  • oh hun sorry to hear you really hate being pregnant. however my friend was just the same absolutely hates pregnancy but now expecting number 3.
    i think that many surgeons would prob say no at only 22 and you'd have to have a very strong case to get one. I'm 31 and will be 32 when this one comes and will ask for a sterilisation. This will be my 2nd baby and was not totally planned(fell after a mc) but i have diabetes so am hoping my surgeon when have c section will tie my tubes then.
    Good luck hun if thats really what you want and take care
    Filo x
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