Anyone else sterilised and pregnant?

I know I am not the only one!
I have a whole host of strange feelings and nobody quite seems to understand.
Friends have been really good, but they don't quite understand how horrible it is to have such mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong I am already totally in love with the baby, but that doesn't get rid of all my reservations. I have to have a c-section and I am a little concerned - my last op obviously didn't go too well! Mostly though I feel so guilty about how unhappy I was when I found out I was pregnant. So many people would give anything to be pregnant.

I suppose like everyone else I just want to know that what I am feeling is normal.


  • my mother was sterlised and then she got pregnant with me she only found out when she was 6 months pregnant and was worried that as she drank and smoked there would be something wrong but she was happy about having me eventually when she knew everything was ok. just so you know your not the only one xx
  • Hi this pg of mine was unplanned my son was only 5 weeks old when i got caught and i already have a daughter so we had one of each and i didnt want any more, at first i was upset and didnt want the baby and i feel terrible for thinking that but as time gone by ive come round to the idea and now im really looking forward to it and like you feel guilty for thinking that in the begining but i think it was just the shock as i have got pcos and they told me i only have a 50% chance of conceiving and it took us 2 yrs to get daughter and 3 yrs for our son then in 5 weeks i got pg.
    vikki xx
  • This pregnancy was unplanned-but to be honest we were both over the moon straight away anyway, I think we both wanted a baby-it was just something that hadnt been mentioned (especially since we hadnt been together for too long)
    But I dont think you should feel guilty about not being happy about the pregnancy at first. Lots of people feel that way and a lot of women have second thoughts even when babies planned. Your bound to have mixed feelings when a pregnancy is not only unplanned but completely unexpected like in your situation.

  • Hi my first son was unplanned, i was only 19 and in the middle of doing my a-levels i went to the doctors coz i was feeling dreadful and i thought i had a herreditory condition that my mums has (sum sort of stomach bacteria), when they told me i was pregnant i cried solid for three days and my mum and dad spent most of the time comforting me. However having Rhys was the best thing i ever did, i carried on with my a-levels and have almost finished my degree now, yay! Its completely normal to have mixed feelings about an unplanned pregnancy so dnt feel bad for not been over the moon about it. Kerry xxx

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