Feeling stupid but really scared

Hi ladies and bumps.

I know this is going to sound really stupid but we have our 1st Antenatal class last night and they focused on labour. Now I know a little about labour working with MW's and HV's and also having been with my sister when she had both of her children, but last night I felt I was seeing it all for the 1st time! And I am terrified!

Hubby was so exited after the class (weirdo!) as he says it all feels so real- er yeah, and its me thats going to go through it!!

I went to bed feeling physically sick and really shaky about the whole thing. I am really not sure I can do it :cry:


  • Oh darling,

    I know it's a very very scary thought but just think of the end results you will have your tiny little baby and trust me all that will be worth it. Women go on to have a couple of kids so it can't be that bad eh??

    Yes it will hurt but you forget the pain as soon as you have the baby and you can do anything you put your mind to image

    k xx
    18 weeks today
  • Awwww sweetie, you CAN do it! Its totally normal to suddenly think oh my god what on earth have i done, i know i have with all of my pregnancies! I know its easier said than done, but for me, the best thing to do was just relax about it! I don't have a birth plan, and i've told myself that yes it will hurt and no it won't be easy, but the baby has to come out so i may as well get on with it! This is my 3rd baby, and honestly, i'm less worried about labour even though i know exactly whats going to happen!
    As K-lou says, once that baby is in your arms you do forget the pain and would happily go through it all again for the end result. And trust me, by the time you get near your due date you'll be so excited about meeting your baby that you'll be willing the labour to start!
  • Hi there. I'm absolutly terrified too. I keep thinking that it seems such an impossible task and i've no idea how i'm going to cope. But like with most things i'm sure i will when it comes to it. Lisa 15+6
  • Thanks k-lou,

    I know all that and im sure I will be on here in a couple of months saying how wonderful it was and reassuring others but I kept thinking last night- what if it all goes wrong? (another annoying thing about my job is seeing all sides)

    I just felt really out of my depth last night and was thinking I had made a huge mistake in thinking I was ready to be a Mum :\(
  • It sounds bizarre but Im actually looking forward to it. This is my second pregnancy and I had a really tough time last time which you would think would put me off and make me scared but it hasnt.

    I know that every labour experience can be different and I am hoping this time that it all runs smoothly.

    I know that labour is a necessary thing to do so that my baby can be born. It isnt called 'labour' for nothing but it isnt always as bad as people think.

    sure, some will have a nightmare story to tell (I know I have!) but others will say what a beautiful experience it was.

    You will have fully qualified people there with as much pain relief and help as you need.

    just think there are 12 year old girls who have had babies and got through ok, so if they can do it!

    The thought of having your baby in your arms helps you through it.

    you will be fine.


  • Thanks Ladies,
    I know I am being silly but just cant seem to shake that today!

    Am sure I will start to feel better about it all soon.
  • Its the single most terrifying thing I've ever thought about doing, I am petrified, no matter how much re-assurance my mum and aunts give me.
  • I'm not nervous about labour yet and was reassured by a friend who had her baby last week and said she would have gone through alot worse! Of course its difficult to say what sort of labour any of us will have but I'm sure even the hardest will be worth it when we are finally holding our babies!

    29+6 x
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