Still feeling good?

Hi girls

I am about 11 weeks and 3 days and since friday I have not felt sick at all. I have been eating so much better as well like I can't get enough where the last 6 weeks I have not been able to eat a thing. Did anybody else start to feel better around 11 weeks??

I had a dress on yesterday and you can really see my little bump, I still have fuller boobs and they still hurt. I feel a bit weak if I don't eat now.

This is the longest I have gone feeling this good.

K xx


  • Glad to hear your feeling better, i think at around 12 ish weeks you are supposed to start feeling slightly better, although this was not the case for me. 19+1 and only the last week have i stopped being,
    Everyone is different though, so enjoy it and hoprfully it wont come back.

  • Hey hun, glad to hear your feeling better! Its normal to start feeling alot better around now as your placenta will start to take over - personally ive been ill all the the way through, but i was having hormone jabs til 13wks and im 28wks now and still feeling totally rubbish - lost weight though! With my 1st 2 babies i always felt better from 11wks onwards - so it looks like your body is doing what it should be to me image

    kim28+2 xxxxx
  • Really?? I must say I did start to worry as now I have told work due to how ill I was I just could not bare anything going wrong you know.

    I know I am a worrier I just am so scared that something bad has happened and thats why I feel better?

    K xx
  • glad you feel better hun and try not to worry, i am sure everything is fine. take care. xxx
  • hi K-lou, dont worry, its great you're feeling better. My mw said i should start to feel better 11-12 weeks so fingers crossed.
    Start to enjoy your pregnancy now hun - its natural to worry but dont let it take over! (She says - I've just done another test to make sure im still pregnant!!)

  • Try not to worry hun - easier said than done as im on here every other day with something thats panicked me.....welcome to being a mummy - ul never stop worry now! xxxxx
  • Hi hun, i am starting to feel a tad better well def better than i have been. i will be 10 weeks on Wednesday and today is the first morning where i havent been sick. Mine seems to come more on a night but i am deo starting to fancy eating again, hopefully it will totally pass like yours over the next couple of weeks x
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