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Heartburn tablets - Ranitidine

Hi all

Has anyone been prescribed these for heartburn? The consultant gave me a prescription this morning and so I'm assuming they are totally safe to take in pregnancy.

On the odd occasion, the gaviscon just doesn't do anything - maybe I am not having enough at those times though as I only have about 10ml and I think we can have up to 20ml? I also got gaviscon on prescription but its the 'advance' stuff so think you take less of it.

If anyone knows anything about these tablets, I'd be grateful - especially side effects and stuff. I can't cope with things going on in my stomach you see!!!

Joo xxx


  • Hi Joo

    I've been taking ranitidine since 10 weeks - I'm 36+5 now and I get on great with them!

    I can't take Gaviscon - makes me puke (but then most things do), so I take 2 Ranitidine a day for my hellish heartburn - they mostly work brilliantly and when they don't quite do the job, I top them up with ice cream!!!

    I can't say that I have had any side effects from these tablets, but then I have had side effects from the other medication I am on and so may not even notice other side effects!!!

    C xx
  • hi joo i have these on prescription too they are fine to take during pregnancy. they are the same tablets ulcer sufferes take and just line your stomache preventing a build up of acid they do take about a week to start working though and you have to take the dose prescribed so the lining can build up hth
    claire x
  • I've been begging my GP for something other than Gaviscon as i've been drinking gallons of the stuff and it doesn't seem to last longer than 10 minutes before i need another dose.

    I did get Ranitidine prescribed to be during my last pregnancy (8 years ago) and whilst I did get a few headaches whilst taking it, it was much more effective than the Gaviscon.

    However, whilst I cannot be sure, I did get the impression from this GP that she wouldn't give me ranitidine tablets as she didn't think they were suitable.

    If you find out that they are perfectly safe can you let me know and then I can approach a different GP at my surgery as I would prefer to be on them (if safe) than carry on taking the amounts of Gaviscon that I am at the moment.

    Like you, I assume that if the Consultant has prescribed them for you, then they must be safe!?

  • Hi Joo,
    From what I understand ranitidine under prescription is safe during pregnancy and I have to say you have been very good only having 10-20ml gaviscon at a time!!! Some evenings I feel like I might as well keep the bottle next to me and bypass the spoon as my heartburn is so bad! I definately have more than 20ml in one day on many occasions!!! Mine isnt the gaviscon advance but we do use that at work, and again, I have definately taken more than 20ml throughout the course of a shift when the heartburn has been really bad.

    As for the side effects, these should be listed in the pack when you collect them - usually the top ones are diarrhoea and vomiting, but you will find these listed for nearly EVERY drug!!! I wouldnt worry too much especially if your consultant is happy for you to have them.
  • I have no idea about using these in pregnancy but i do know my hubby gets them from sainsburys and he thinks they are brill! He finds them better than gaviscon.
  • I have used them through 3 pregnancys the doc pescribed them (and if i run out i buy them from asda) I have had no side effects and found them Brilliant!! My heartburn was really bad (Gaviscon didn't do a thing) and i could have kissed the doc when he gave me this! x
  • Ranitidine is given to babies with reflux especially those in SCBU so its fine for you to take.
  • Yeah, I am on Ranitadine too. Although like MrsButtons said - I have been eating ice cream to help the Ranitadine to work.

    It is totally safe in Preg, as long as you stick to the prescribed does. with Gaviscon you can drink it by the bottle - but with Ranitadine it is important to stick to the instructions! Although - I still use Gaviscon as well when it's really bad.
  • I was on Ranitadine and omozeperone before I got pregnant as I suffer really badly from reflux disease anyway.

    My doctor took me off all medication, as she said they hadnt been properly tested in pregnancy, and she would only put me back on if it became unbearable.

    If she was wrong and I have been putting up with being sick due to the heartburn for the last 6 months I will not be impressed!!
  • my gp is a top doc and he said and happily assured me these pills are so safe they could be given to baby with no harm. They are the best... I love them dearly!
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