In ore of babies heart beat

Hi ladies I just had to put a post on here to gush about hearing my LO heart beat for the first time today.

It was absolutly amazing, midwife said she cant always find one etc so didnt get my hopes up, then you could hear a little noise and it got really load as midwife said LO moved, hope baby remains this co-operative after he/she comes out!

Am I really this sad, but it made me love my iccle bump even more (which I didnt think was possible)

Anyone else feel this in awe of there little miricle?

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  • was sat there staring at teh doppler the midwife help thinking it wass not my heart but my baby's i lay there gobsmaked and as you said in awe!
  • You're not alone! I found it even more emotional than when I saw lo at my 12-week scan! I heard mine for the first time last week when I was 16 weeks. I can't wait to hear it again. I bought one of those home dopplers but I think I was ripped off as it doesn't work. I can't even hear my heartbeat using it!! xxxx

  • Hi Jmp, I heard our babys for the 1st time today too. Its was so amazing I couldnt belive it. It sounded really fast and we could hear the baby move. cant wait for 20 week scan now to see it again!!! image
  • hi i heard babys heartbeat on tue for first time, it was so amazing and really reasured me til i go for 20 wk scan.

  • YES YES YES YES YES!!!! today! felt it when i heard it and it was AMAZING been on cloud 9 all day lol xx hence the post my beautiful day lol xxx
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