Finally diagnosed

So yeah went to the hospital yesterday just for a normal check up and since about 12 weeks into my pregnancy i've had a lot of problems with my hips/pelvis so much that i used to cry all the time when i had to walk/turn over in bed. My midwife at the doctors just kept saying it was normal pain and jsut kept giving me cocodamol and told me to put a hot water bottle on my hips.

Anyway after all this time (am now 36 wks) i finally saw my consultant at the hospital and she diagnosed me straight away with spd and was furious that my midwife hadn't sent me to physio.

So yeah I have 4 wks to drop and they are wanting me to go to physio which they think wont work now but they will continue it after i have the baby.

SO yeah finally i've been diagnosed with spd and now hopefully i can get the help i need. :x


  • You poor thing, I hope physio has given you some great advice for labour. I still had a little but of pain a week after birth and my physio gave me acupuncture - 1 needle *right* into the joint - but it was 30 seconds of pain which gave me total relief THAT DAY! If you still hurt once your lo is born see if you can get a bit of acupuncture!!
  • I've got my first appt thru for next tuesday and i'll be 37wks.

    Am hoping that it doesn't kick start my labour, am not quite ready for my baby to come out yet. image
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