Which one would you pick?


Can't make up my mind on which pram to buy. I have shortlisted 3, which are all very similar.

Bugaboo Chameleon
iCandy Apple
Quinny Buzz 4

Help? The bugaboo is nice, but seems to be everyones favourite - no offence to anyone who's got one, but I think they're a bit of a trendy cliche.


  • we havent picked a buggie yet but i think out of the three you have listed id pick the quinny buzz, personaly i think its the nicest and ive read some good reports about it (sorry can't remember were)

    good luck,xxx
  • I'd say the Bugaboo Chameleon - we got one 2nd hand off preloved and can't wait to use it - good reviews from people... We did look at the buzz too though but preferred this one...
  • Also sorry forgot to say - I was going to get an apple but they are meant to be quite bulky and heavy so put me off.
  • Depends what is important to you. My lil sis works in a nursery shop and I have asked her this before. Neither the Quinny or the I-candy are up to the job of off road walks as you are stuck with the little wheels at the front, on the bugaboo you can reverse the handle which makes a BIG difference off road. I think the bugaboo is also lightest which might be important if you have to lift it in and out of your boot alot. If you are planning on having another baby sooner rather than later the I-candy converts into a double by buying the pip addaptor and seat (turns it into a pear). I don't know any one with the Buzz 4 but everyone I know who has the 3 is very pleased with it as a town pushchair and lo's always look comfy in it. Personally I had the buggaboo for Millie and there is no way in the world I would swap it for anything. Trendy or not I belive that it does a better job than any of the others so why buy something that's not as good just to look different?
  • I've just bought the buzz 4 wheeler and I love it! It's easy to put up and down, handle bars move up and down, easy to put on carry cot, car seat and the seat unit you get with it. I find it lovely to push (had a push around the toys r us car park lol) but eventually bought it from Boots online (extra money off). I got it in black by the way!
    Good luck choosing!
  • I'm just about to order my Bugaboo Cameleon as I need something that can handle rough ground, beach and even sand dunes AND fold down small. I've heard bad reviews about the icandy. Don't know much about the Quinny.

    If I were you I'd make a list of all the places you are likely to go regularly - if that reveals a need for off-road ability then your best bet is the Bugaboo. If its purely for use in town then one of the others might do as well - there are different benefits to the different systems - e.g. if you use public transport a lot.

    I know how you feel though - it's taken me ages and ages of looking and I only looked at the Bugaboo for the first time this weekend and I know its a hands-down winner for my needs.
  • Thanks guys - looks like it might be the bugaboo after all x
  • if you like the bugaboo mothercare do a very similar version called my 3 or my 4 ones black and the other is brown it also comes with a car seat which the bugaboo doesnt and its cheaper its probably the buggy i am going to go for but im stuck between them and the silver cross 3d system xXx
  • Just to let you know the mothercare my4 is VERY heavy, 20kg compared to the buggaboo at 9.5kg, don't know about the my3 though.
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