3rd Caserean

I am on my 3rd pregnancy the other 2 were born by caserean. This time the baby is really low and I have been having a lot of contractions and pains. I went to see Dr and he said that I had to be careful not to open the internal wound as I would bleed to death before I realised.

Has anyone else had multiple casereans? Is it risky? Is the birth more dangerous? I am starting to panic now.

I can't rest because I have to work upto 1 week before due date of caserean and also have 2 children to run around after.


  • Hi there.. yes I am onto my 3rd pregnancy and 3rd c-section will be in 18 days!!!
    I was told the more pregnancies you have after c-sections it is riskier, but as long as your checked by m/w and consultant etc you should be fine.
    Im also getting lots of tightenings and cramp pains.. im 36 weeks.. but unless I go into labour before hand, the earliest they will do the c-section is 9 days before my due date.
    He told me if i do think im going into labour, or have a show, I have to ring hosp straight away.
    I was also advised that 3 c-sections is the max you should have for your own safety.. gets even riskier and high risks of heamorage etc during the operation, so I have chosen to have my tubes tied after they have delivered my baby.
    I think it also depends on how long the gaps have been between pregnancies and c-sections.
    My 1st gap was 2 years, then this time its 3 years, so think im ok.
    Id just try and relax, and if you do get symptoms ring hospital... sorry you didnt say how far on you are, so cant comment on the pains etc you getting.
    hope this helps
    caz xx 36 +
  • i have had 4 c sections and am now 20 weeks 6 days with what is going to be my 5th i have not once been told with this pregnancy that there is a problem my last c section was 16 years ago so bit of a gap but all my other kids where born within 5 years of each other the eldest is just 21 the youngest is 16 and i am planning another baby after this one as this is my partners 1st and i have always wanted a big family good luck on whatever you decide x
  • I'm on my 3rd section as well. It was a bit of an insensitive way of your consultant to tell you that!

    I haven't been told anything of the sort. I do get more aches and pains with this one, but I think I'm having problems with my ligaments, not the section scar - can't feel anything down there.

    The only other thing I'm aware of is that the section can take slightly longer cos they're cutting through old scar tissue and that's where they've got to be careful. My consultant has personally carried out 7 sections on the same woman and his colleague has done 10!!! Anitarose, come this way and you could have an even bigger family than you thought!! LOL

    Oh yeah and as Caz said, any signs of labour and you have to hotfoot it to the hospital asap!!xx
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