OV pains and CM

Ok so i am not pregnant but i was wondering if you that have already concieved can help....Does everyone feel ov pains and what do they feel like is it similar to your Period cramps or different... and also What exactly is you CM supose to be like becuase mine started out with not very much and sticky and now its white and starting to get strechy..What is it supose to be like sorry if TMI!


  • lol image Not everyone gets them but I got very bad ov pains - almost identical to my period cramps! I was doubled over at one point! Didn't really put me in the mood lol - but sometimes you have to suffer for the gain! My GP did say you were more likely to get ov pains if you got painful periods!

    As for CM - they say that when you ov you get the egg white consistency cm - stretchy and clear - but not everyone is the same and if you don't produce a lot you may not see it as it is inside! As your cm is changing you could be getting close to ov especially if you are getting some pain!
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