SPD - anyone else suffering?

Hi - I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there suffering too? I am 30 weeks and started suffering SPD when I was 15 wks, got much worse when I was 20 wks and is now getting worse week by week. I am on crutches all the time now and totally struggling to do anything, which is very frustrating, especially when my house feels like its upside down. Just had my windows replaced and a new kitchen fitted, decorated 1 room and 2 to go (including nursery)!!

I wondered if there were others out there with similar experiences, or have you been through it?
I have read some info and because I have it quite severe, my impression is that I will still be suffering for several months afterwards too?

If you have had it - how was labour too?

Was feeling very low last night, just sat and started crying for no real reason other than the pain and frustration. My mother in law kindly came and helped tidy/clean and organise today bringing me a big bunch of flowers and my work sent me a bunch of flowers too. They must be psycic cause I've been off for 7 weeks and not even had a card till now. Feeling much better today, but would love to hear how others are coping too.



  • Hi Jacqui! I've got SPD also.Been suffering since about 30 wks. Luckily it didn't effect me until then. It seems to get worse if I do too much walking or stay standing for too long a period of time. To be honest though, since having it diagnosed it seems to have got a bit better, although most people say it doesn't improve until after the birth. It's probably just because I've learnt what not to do so I don't aggrevate it as much as I used to. I'm 39+6 so it shouldn't be too long before I go into labour now. Not sure what to expect, but I'll let you know once it's happened. I know it's hard, but try not to feel too depressed with it all. Remember, it's all for a reason and once you've got your baby in your arms, the pain of the SPD will all seem worth it - that's what I tell myself. Love Rachel XXX
  • Thanks, I know - I try not to let it get me down and most of the time I'm ok, but its been a hard year for us, we lost 2 babies to missed miscarriages and so this is such a wanted baby and I am so grateful baby is all fine. the good thing is he (we know its a boy) is very very active, which is lovely - very reassuring and keeps me going.

    Can't wait till I have him in my arms - as you say - it will all be worth it!

    Good luck - I'll be thinking of you.

    ps - I've read water births are supposed to help, if you were thinking of one.

  • Thanks Jacqui! Good luck with your pregnancy. I've had a mc myself (before this pregnancy), so kknow exactly how you're feeling. I'm having a boy also! Will definitely try a water birth. Love Rachel XXX
  • thanks Sarah - I really appreciate your honesty - that's what I like.

    I was seeing an osteo but he couldn't do much more to help me - I might go back again, as my lower back is also very sore, my whole pelvis really. He said he might be able to help there a bit more.
    I have been getting massages, from a massage therapist . I managed to become one of her case studies after she did a specialist pregnancy course and she knows about spd, so whilst it doesn't actually help the pelvis, it relaxes everything else and is 1 1/2 hrs of bliss and free for 4 sessions!!

    physio has not been much use - have another apt in 4 wks!! Not that she can do much, to be honest the only thing that helps is rest but its hard to completely rest when house is a tip but getting that I don't have much choice seeing as even loading the washing machine is excrutiating.

    I have read quite a lot on the pelvic partnership website and they have given me good suggestions for my birth plan, so will try that at least.
    Would like to have a water birth as that's supposed to help too - they suggest you get in earlier than you would normally - will depend on the midwife I guess.

    I have signed up for a hypnotherapy course with my surgery/midwives so will see what its like but thanks for the recommendation.

    thanks again, really appreciate it

  • hi there everyone,i am new to this site but i am also suffering with spd so thought i'd reply.I had it whilst pregnant with my daughter who is now 2 1/2 but it wasn't too severe and didn't start till about 20 weeks.The birth went ok but to be honest the spd was at its worst after for a few weeks i could hardly turn in bed to get her from the moses basket when she woke in the night.Sorry i know this isn't very reassuring to those of you wondering if it will dissapear after birth!I am now pregnant with a little girl again and am 27+2 weeks pregnant and have suffered since firs becoming pregnant,its alot more severe this time and i'm having trouble sleeping.My husband keeps laughing at me cuz i waddle like a penguine when i walk!i've mentioned it to my midwife but shez not done anything,any tips to help would be great and i hope everybody else starts feeling better soon,hanna xxximage
  • hey chickin i had SPD from 19 weeks by 25 weeks i ended up bed ridden and in a wheelchair the physio made things worse by pulling and pushing on my legs could have slapped her i ended up on morphine and still was in agony things started to get better at 37 weeks but i was still on crutches labour was bad i ended up having a epidural and c section as baby was laying wrong and putting pressure on my hips and bladder my SPD is a lot better now after a month i still get twinges and my hips lck sometimes when i been standing for to long hope this helps xxx
  • Hi not sure if i am suffering with it or not as not been to see doctor! I'm 12 weeks and for the last week i have had really bad shooting stabbing pains in both hips! I try to change position but it don't help! Not sure wether to put up or see doc! This is third pregnancy didn't have it first time and last time ended in mc!


  • They think I may have it this time but got to wait to see midwife in 2 weeks as it could be ligaments, hormones etc..., started off as a pain the base of my spine, but this week has moved to my hips. Had to walk to town this morning, the back to another area of the town, then back to pre-school to pick DD up, will suffer alot the rest of the day!!



  • Thanks for everyones replies - it is comforting to know your not alone.

    I too started with pains in lower back and spread to hips and then whole pelvis...not is just everything and under bump/groin gets really sore - hot water bottle gets moved from lower back to front depending on which is sorest....

    Escaped last night to meet friends from work, got dropped off at the door and picked up and sat the rest of the time - was still in agony and paying for it today too - was good to get out though!

    Wishing everyone well - I would say for those just thinking they might have it - press to get diagnosed and get support early - the sooner you know you might be able to prevent it getting worse - as much as I have tried to reble against it - rest is really the only thing that helps - you just have to give in! Get whoever can/will help to come and do whatever they can - I am so independant but this week have given in to my mother-in-law doing cleaning, tidying and my mum and sister doing cooking, ironing and cleaning - and I do feel better knowing its not all needing done!

    Take care everyone

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