Friendship changes?

I was just wondering if anyone else has found a change in the balance of friendships with those that dont have children? I don't feel I have anything left to say to them and I feel really odd listening to their conversations about pulling lads and getting drunk....! Quite happy sitting on here and talking about prams, breastfeeding!! Not a particularly young mum, I'm 25 (26 when babe is born) and hubby is 28,,,

Don't feel sad about it, perhaps abit isloated but it's just strange


  • Everything changes when you become a 'family'. The vast majority of my friends now have kids - just makes life easier in the main. The friends I have who don't have kids tend to make arrangements for overnight or weekend get togethers and don't always understand the logistics of arranging childcare/hubby being around etc!

    You'll find you make more friends as your lo grows up a bit!

    7 days to go
  • Hiya, I have been feeling like this for ages now. I'm 29 & as soon as i got married last year...i changed overnight!! although i swore to my friends i wouldn't! I just find that life is different now & my priorities are not how much i can drink on a Sat night or who i can pull!!! I love my life the way it is...even if it probs annoys the hell out of my mates!!! but hey...they'e all probs jealous image)
  • My friendships have def changed. A few of my friends were really over the top when they found out (extremely happy for me and excited to say we werent that close anyway) but then they kinda didnt seem to understand it meant I couldnt do certain things.
    The friends who didnt react too much to me being pregnant-just a quick congrats or whatever, seem to be the ones who understand more about what it entails and have been extremely supportive for me.
    Technically Im gunna be the first out of my friends to have kids. One of my friends' girlfriends is due 6 weeks after me and she already has two-so he does have kids in a sense...but ill be the first to have my own (then he's following me close behind obviously image);10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • its true what they say about babies changing every bit of your life isn't it lol. i'm 22 and all my old school friends are finishing uni not even thinking about babies so i barely see them, but like leigh my oh has a few friends who are also married and pregnant or have LOs, and i've got so much closer to them, which i like cos it means whn LOs are older they'll have friends and we'll be friends with the parents, so all good!! when your lo is born if you go along to a baby group you meet so many people there too who have the same limits on going out etc as you do xxx

  • I'm fairly lucky in that the majority of my friends have got children so they fully understand! They have been gr8 & still invite me out, even if they're going for a drink, so its lovely to still be included even tho i don't go!!
    I have 1 friend who i haven't heard from literally since we said i was expecting...she moved away some time ago & last time i saw her she was bridesmaid at my wedding last July - i'm a bit upset at that as she was a "best friend", but perhaps its a case of out of sight...?!?!
    Sarah xx
  • I found that I really drifted apart from my best friend when I was pregnant last year. She was always going to be a godmother but I seriously started to doubt that during the pregnancy. However when things went wrong at 23 wks I couldnt have asked for a better friend. She was there 100% and I really dont know what I would have done without her. I told her from the minute I found out this time and she has been wonderful! Funny how things change xxxx
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