Am I in labour??

I wonder if any of you can tell me if I could be in labour? Since Sat morining I have been getting tightenings regularly throughout the days but sat and sunday night they either dont wake me as they're not strong or they go away. Last night I had terrible back ache throughout the whole of my back and went to the toilet a few times more than usual, I have also had increased discharge (sorry tmi) the last 2 days and a really heavy feeling. I have woke up this morning and am still getting regular tightenings across my bump and can feel some of them in my back and thighs. I dont know if this is the start of things or not as I am not in any pain just a bit uncomfortable. Any ideas??


  • sounds like it could be the start of something or just braxton hicks?? im not to sure everyone is different arent they, could you ring your MW and give her your symptoms she should be able to help and put you at ease xxxx
  • When you are in good labour you will know. Its prob the very early signs of labour...get excited baby is prob on its way yeyyy x
  • I do feel unlike myself, I cant be bothered to talk to anyone and went out to do a bit of shopping and came back as just didnt feel right. I bet this all turns out to be a false alarm and I ll still be sat here next week!lol.
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