7 weeks with no antental appointments?

Hi mums and bumps
I'm 25+5 and as some of you might know I was having problems with my midwife. She hates my family and I felt it was really getting in the way of her care. i couldnt change midwives as she was the only one for my surgery so I have changed surgeries. I'm now going to be seeing the midwife I had when I was pregnant with my daughter so I'm really pleased about that. But I'm a bit worried because I last saw my old midwife when I was 23 weeks but the new one cant see me until the 17th of June, when I'm 29+5 so thats almost 7 weeks without seeing anyone. Is this ok? Should I be seeing someone every 4 weeks?


  • I think with your 2nd it is normal to only see a midwife every 6 weeks any way hun so you should be fine. I went from 18 weeks to 28 weeks without seeing mine (although I did have a scan in between). When you get past 30 weeks they like to see you more often though.
  • As long as you are well and baby is normal and active it will be fine I am sure. Glad you got a new one x
  • I didn't see anyone from 20 weeks to 28 weeks and now its only every 3 weeks and this is my first!
    I thought that was normal!

    31+6. xx
  • that's good you managed to change mw. It's been about 6wks between apts for me and I'm sure if you're feeling OK and baby is moving etc then it will be fine. S x
  • I've been seeing my m/w every 4 weeks until recently when it changed to every 2 weeks. This may be because I was higher risk though and because I'm older!

    You could always ask the GP if you're worried though.

    16 days to go
  • I've just seen my mw at 28 weeks and my next appointment with her is at 36 weeks, but I have to see my GP for an antenatal check up in the middle. If the mw is unable to see you, you could always just go to see your GP for a quick check and reassurance that everything is ok?
    Mine seems quite happy to do that.
  • This is my first baby and I went from 15 weeks to 25 weeks without any appointments. Seems to be normal!

  • Honestly dont worry about waiting 7 weeks. I'm sure they'd see you if you thought there was a problem. I'm pg with my first and I had my 1st appt at 10 weeks, then 15, then 28(last week) my next is at 34 weeks. Then I'm every 2 weeks up until 40 weeks. Then If not had baby have another appt at 41 weeks where we book the induction. xxx
  • Thanks girls. I'm a bit paranoid because of Abby's heart condition, but then even if this one does have the same thing theres nothing any one can do about it now. Its just that Abby's condition was so severe they said it was a miracle she survived in the womb and through the labour and I'm so scared that something will happen to this one because it has the condition and they dont know about it! Just pregnancy hormones I think.
  • No everythings fine really, baby's kicking, no more contractions and SPD is just about manageable so no real reason to see her, it just feels like a long time to go but its actually not that long at all!
  • I went into premature labour at 24 weeks, they stopped it and its all fine now but I cant help thinking I should be being monitored a bit more closely?
  • I just got a letter through for an appointment at the hospital for next thursday. It says I'm under consultant care now too so guessing I will probably be seen there every few weeks.
  • i havent seen my midwife for 4 weeks and next time i see her ill be 39 + 2 . dont think that is right either
  • jennie you should definatly say something, thats awful!
    I just spoke to the hospital on the phone and I'm going to be seeing the consultant every 2 weeks now so feeling much more reassured.
  • glad your getting seen more closely now.
    my midwife keeps going on holiday, thats why i havent seen her in ages. but she was back last week so thought i would of seen her this week at least. but anyways i went into the labour ward this week as couldnt feel baby move , and they checked me and everything is fine . and ill see midwife next week.cant be arsed with her anymore.
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