biggest babys, boys or girls?

Ok, i was talking to my oh's mum, she has 3 boys and 1 girl, all boys were big babys (my oh was 10 pound 8oz) and his sis was around normal birth weight (around 7 pounds).
I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all three of us girls were normal birth weights, ranging between 6 pounds and 8 pounds, then my brother was 10 pounds!
I was just wondering is it very common that boys are bigger than girls when their born?


  • hi i have a girl who was 7lb2 and we know this one is a boy. i am definitely bigger this time (bump is bigger) so i asked my mwife if it was common for boys to be born bigger and she said yes. i was 7lb7 when born and my brother was 11lb10oz!! so i am very worried cause that is such a big difference.

    my hubbies sisters were 11lb-ers and he was only 9lbs so the rule doesnt always apply altho 9lb is still big in my book!

    i have also been told that your body wont make a baby it cant cope with, so if its big then it will still be able to get out if you understand.

    i think it is more common for second and other babies to be bigger each time. my friend just had a wee boy, her bump was massive and was only 7lb11, another friends first was a boy, second a girl and the girl was bigger.

    so i dont think there is any set rule to the sizes, we just need to take what we get, but this is defintitley a worry of mine!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • OK!!!

    I have a slightly different tale. So if you are scared of birth. Stop reading now. I mean it!!

    My mum said giving birth to my brother was no problem. He was just born crying and never stopped until she would have him inside her nighty at night. Skin to skin. Then he would settle. But my sister, apparently her head was so big, it started tearing her. So the docs had to cut her open. I know back in those days it was different. But she said she could hear the scissors cut through her like material.

    Now how much is you legs crossed. I was upset with her when she told me. Cause I'm very frightened. I said to the doc this morning I would sooner give birth than have injections. And he laughed and said, speak to me afterwards and we'll see how you feel.
  • Hi my brother and i are twins and was 7 lb 1 and he was 8lb 2, but my older sister was 8lb 9, my two ellie was the first and was 8 lb 9 1/2 and my son was 10 lb so it can be hit and miss, im dreading this time as it could be over 11 lb and by the size of mei think its going to be, but then they say with subsequent pg you carry bigger as your already streched from the first time round.
    vikki xx
  • i am tiny hoping my baby will be too!! i was 6Lb when i was born my oh was 7Lb so am hoping baby won't be too big. someone told me if u put bio oil on ur 2 places r likely to tear a month b4 u r due everyday then it should stop u from tearing. well i'm going to try it anyway!! xxx
  • Hiya, try not to worry as it is fairly rare that you will be allowed to deliver a baby that is too big to fit through your pelvis. My mum had sections for me and my sister as we were too big and never even engaged but it was mainly to do with her back problems and she had a small pelvis, in the end we were only 8lb 5oz and 7lb 12oz which is hardly huge even for girls.

    My mum's friend was telling me she had a difficult labour with her little girl who was 6lbs but then when she had her son a few years later he was 9lb 12oz and apparently it was the easiest birth ever & she was in labour for a grand total of 20 minutes!!!
  • my dd was 6lb, my ds was 8lb 6, my sister's DS was 9lb 4, and her DD was 10lb14( she got stuck and ended up with a broken arm during delivery)
  • my oh was about 12lb 15 1/2 and my sil was 13lb 4 so the rule didnt apply there!

    and with regards to not making a baby too big to cope with - my body did. he was too big to come out naturally and couldnt get any further than 4/5ths engaged even after 34 hours of labour! but then I always want more than I can handle :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm dreading the size of the next one (when it finally happens!) but its not stopping me wanting another image
  • my 2 older brothers were were 7lb summink i was 6lb9 im not sure bout my 2 younger sisters n younger brother so it all varies i suppose but my mw told me baby boys tend to be bigger my daughter weighed 8lb exactly she was 2weeks l8 ive been told my next which is a boy is goin to b roughly same size so we'll have to wait n see i suppose.
    abbie,hope+bluebump 31wk+4
  • hi stephY, what happened when your baby got stuck?did you have to have a c-sec? im so scared now, id been told it would be fine and that you couldnt make a baby too big for your body (maybe that was just to make me feel better!).

    my daughter was only 7lb2 at 10 days overdue so she may have been only 6lb something if earlier, so i hope this one isnt going to be too much bigger!
  • Hi! My son was born weighing 7lb 7 oz, but he was 3 wks early, so would probably have been a lot bigger. I've heard a lot of stories that having a bigger baby makes the birth easier - something to do with the weight and gravity. My cousin (girl) weighted 11lb, whereas her brother only weighed 8lb. Guess you never really know - it just depends on how your body can handle the baby's size. XXX
  • My body made a baby it couldn't cope with too!! Sorry Laura, think the info you were told was wrong!! Poppy was 10 days late so I was induced, that failed completely as her head was too big so I ended up with a section. She was 9lbs 12oz when born.
    I wouldn't worry though, I was told that a bigger baby is often easier to deliver as when they are being pushed down the birth canal, every contraction pushes the baby further cos he/she will touch the sides so the muscles actually grab hold of the baby to push it along.
    Not sure how true it is but it seems to make sense!
  • Hi
    ollie was just too big for my pelvis and they tried forceps on me but i ended up having to have a c sec.
    wasnt very nice because all the time the mw kept telling me theres no way the baby is bigger than 8lb as you two are only small (im 5ft and hubby is 5"6) - they never listened to me or oh saying that all the babies on his side had been very big.... if ollie had been on time he might have been below 9lb marker but he was a week late! I've spoken to my mws since and looked at the reports oon the birth and it is purely because I was too small for him to come out of me. :\(

    Dont worry, unless you have a history of mahousive babies there shouldnt be any problems, and they do say bigger babies help as they push down better.....

    am having a second baby (hopefully when ttc works) on the understanding that they give me a c sec at 39 weeks - I soooo want a 'little' baby! anything around 7lb-8lb will do! :lol: :lol: (as long as its healthy )
    if you have any fears talk to your mw - theyre there to help you (not fob you off like mine did :roll: )

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