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hi,all,hope youre all ok?, i saw my mw yesterday and she felt my belly and had a very shocked looked on her face and told me my bump felt like a 40 week pregnant belly does, she said im carring more baby and not much water, (no wonder my belly rock hard lol) she also said she thinks he will be over 8 pound but will give my a proper extermite at 36 weeks.

she also thinks i wont go full term. i cant wait!!!! just thought id share my excitment. health vister been this morning and give me my red book to take to the hospical for baby. its just all hitting home! arrrr im so scared and excited.

ow and also hes started to engage yippie!!! sorry to ramble. xxxxx



  • they said that about my friend!! the mw said she wouldnt last the week! but so far shes still going so she will prob end up having it around her due date! i hope u get urs soon though! i am so excited to have mine and i have 19 weeks to go yet image xxx
  • Wow how exciting! I haven't had any good news yet lol though my baby started to engage about the same time (35 weeks.) and is fully down now. He's also expected to be about 8lb. But I'm not too sure - think I have a lot of water as my bump is still squishy (or it could just be fat! lol!) xxx


  • Hi Hayley
    wow, so exciting, bet you can't wait.
    Em x
  • oooh sounds v exciting!i have a scan on monday n will b 35 weeks so im lookin 4ward to c wot estimate i get for her weight!Sure she has dropped lower too cuz i cnt stop peeing!!lol
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