Starting to feel real now!!

As it says in the title my pregnancy is starting to feel real as im now 12 weeks and one day with my second baby, my son is 2 1/2 and i dont seem to remember much bout being pregnant with him!! Now ive got my 12 week scan booked for the 8th of January and im feeling more nervous than worried. I havent had any sickness or major heartburn just tiredness but with a mad 2 1/2 year old thats to be expected!

Then on the 9th of Jan i have an appt at the Birth Options Clinic because of the emergency c-section i had with my son i have an appt to have a talk with them. Has anyone else had an appt at the BOC Clinic? I know i want to have another c-section, i cant go through another attempted natural delivery only to risk losing my baby like i nearly did with my son!



  • Hey! Congrats on getting to the 12 week point! I'm 11 weeks today but still havent heard anything from midwife so have no clue when I'll get my 12 week scan! I cant wait though to see if everything's going ok. Getting quite nervous to be honest. I had an early scan at 7???? weeks and everything was fine, heartbeat and everything. I'm looking forward though to having a wee double check at 12 weeks though, would really put my mind at rest.
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