Cotbed Mattresses - How do you Choose??

How do you choose a mattress? I've had a quick look online and it says it needs to be firm, but do you go for pocket sprung?? What are the choices?



  • OMG - are they covered in gold leaf or something?!! That's more than some cots! xx
  • Remember that mattresses are quite a big part in the cot death debate so personally I wouldn't skimp too much. However, as long as you dont get foam then I think thats the main thing to avoid. I am having a proper sprung one because it is a cot bed we want the mattress to last the life of the bed. (ie up to 5 years) If you dont have springs then the mattress will warp and wear and so you will need to replace it much sooner.

    Usually the store where you get your cot from will have a range of mattresses and can recommend a middle of the range one to fit.
  • That's a good point Mrs-L. I'd estimated about ??150 for a mattress and have just looked on the M&P website and thats about the price of the pocket sprung one. There seem to be some that are way more than that, so we'll have to have a chat with them and find out what the difference is. x
  • I got my cot from Ikea and bought their most expensive matress for ??100 - didn't really have a clue which one to get!
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