What's everyone snacking on??

I still can't seem to eat healthily and am really worrying about my little one. Simply because I am eating so much chocolate, biscuits, cakes and sugary stuff.
I'm having healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but just snack CONSTANTLY throughout the day on crap in additon to the meals.
I mean like 4/5 choc bars, 6-7 biscuits, 2 packs of crisps, 2 wedges of cake.
I have yougurts, bananas and loads of water too.
Help me. I just can't stop and am so worried about the adverse effect on lo.
Is it too late to worry?
I've only put weight on my bump (suprisingly) and midwife says I am measuring fine for dates....

What are you all eating??

26+1. xx


  • I only seemed to be eating rubbish as well because thats wat iv bin craving but iv bin making a conscious effort to eat one banana, a small bunch of grapes and an apple each day. This way i know that although im eating chocolates and crisps my baby is still getting some healthy nutrients. I really wudnt worry about it tho chuck, especially if u and bump are growing fine. Kerry xxx

  • I'm ok when at work but once home I snack like mad. Hubby is still at work so we are having 'tea' when he gets in. But I have eaten 2 packets of crisps, 2 twirls, 2 slices of toast and a can of pepsi since getting home at 6pm! Feel such a piggy but I really fancied it all lol!
    In my defence I have had two bananas and an apple today too!
  • I tend to snack on fruit and yogerts in the day oh but at about 4pm I have 2 biscuits. In the evening I do have some choc only cos I got loads though working my way though my easter eggs. As well as fruit normally half a grapefuit or an orange and sometimes depending on how hungrey I am. I have some toast with proper butter and peanut butter or crumpets. have you tried musli/breakfast bars instead of bars of choc. Or if you want a choc fix just have 2 pieces and make the bar last the day. Or you could just eat it all and worry about it later. I'm sure as long as you are eating some fruit and veg baby will be fine and at least your main meals are healthy. xxx
  • i seem to go through phases one week il eat really healthy and the next il eat crap i was doing really well this week but i just ate nearly a whole pack of garibaldi's in my defence they are full of raisins thats fruit right (who am i kidding)
  • Mrs E, at least your main meals are healthy. I'm struggling to do that. I spoke to the midwife about it and she said so long you eat plenty of fruit and veg its ok to snack. if you feel hungry all the time try replace them with something a little healthier. I know its difficult. its something i cant even do myself so i understand.
    Is it ok to eat peanut butter. i'm really craving it but i thought it was on the no no list?
  • I try to get organised and take a lunchbox to work full of carrot, celery and red/yellow pepper strips to munch on. Celery has proved to be a bit of a craving for me in my pregnancy. If I don't do this I end up eating cake! I simply HAD to have a belgian bun this week! But there was a report in the news the other day saying mums-to-be who eat cakes are more likely to have children who turn out to be fat adults so I'm trying to be a bit strict - the odd treat can't hurt though I'm sure.
  • I think its ok as long as nut allergies don't run in your family. why did you think it wasn't? too late to worry now if it isn't! xxx
  • the doc told me what to avoid and peanuts was one of them and for a silly reason i thought peanut butter was on the list, lol. luckily it doesnt run in the family so will be getting some tomorrow.
  • check with your midwife if you like I dont want to get you in trouble. Some do say peanuts can increase chances of nut allergies. The food starderds agency website which I have used since day 1 say there still looking into this though. FSA just say not to eat peanuts if you, or babys father or any siblings are prone to allergies. Like hayfeaver, ashma, and excema. Just been back on the website now to check. xxx
  • I am snacking on Harvester chewy bars
  • luckily me or oh dont have any alergies. the doc just roughly went through the list. i have checked online and have got the same info as you. so peanut butter, here i come, lol.
  • I've eaten all the foods on the no-no list (only once or twice tho!) so I wouldn't worry!

    I haven't been eating healthily at all...I was planing to but it's sooo hard lol. Today I had shreddies for breakfast, an egg sandwich, tomatoes and crisps for lunch, fish, chips and yellow & green peppers for tea. Had a couple of chocolate digestives and the remains of my lindt bunny for snacks....I'm not too bad really, I don't eat loads (well not for a pregnant woman anyway lol), I just dont eat very healthily! xxx


  • Hiya, I've been told by my mw not to eat any nuts as my sis has a very severe nut allergy. I think if you don't have a close relative with a nut allergy you can eat nuts.

    I've been really craving sweet foods too. My oh gave me a huge amount of grief about it until I spoke to the doctor who said it was fine so long as I also ate healthy foodimage

    App craving sweet food is a sign of having a girl (old wive's tale) xxx


  • i am snacking on cakes ice cream cookies crisps and apples! - so one healthy thing haha i heard sweet craving is sign of a girl works for me though as i'm having one! but i have a sweet tooth anyway!! x
  • I am snacking on whatever food I can get my hands on quickest at the time but lately I have craved cheese and milk!

    I have even been known to wake up at silly times of night (lol) and sit here eating biscuits and cake!!!! (at least i dont have to share this way hahaha)
  • I have been eatin loads of rubbish, and crave sweet stuff i find if i try and replace it with sumthin healthy then that doesn't fill me up so i end up eatin the unhealthy stuff ne way. But i eat healthy meals so that makes me feel a bit better bout it.
  • i seem to be constantly snacking, i can't get enough of toast and marg, it has to be white bread (50/50) and flora spread! I go through about 6-8 slices a day! This does keep the sickness at bay and so does choccy bars, hob nobs and lots of other unhealthy stuff. No wonder i'm getting soooo big already! eek!
  • chicken crisps (have to be walkers) and apples!!! mmmm


  • I'm glad it's not just me eating rubbish. I can't even manage to get fruit or veg down me most days (ongoing saga with builders and no kitchen continues). I'm feeling really really guilty because although I've always eaten crap in previous pg's I've always made sure I've eaten healthy meals as well and this case it's been really hard.

    Need to get more organised and just drop into the supermarket every day to pick up grapes or apples etc - something that doesn't need any work!

  • Thank god, was beginnig to think I was the only one guzzilng choc and cakes while everyone else has been eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day ! I used to have a salad for lunch every day but it's cheese and ham sandwiches at the mo. Followed by a bag of crisps and a bit of choc. Plus every night I'm having a low fat choc mousse or trifle thingie as a treat.
    On saying that I have been eating more fruit and veg than normal and trying to eat fish twice a week. But I'm also craving spicy food. Off out for thai tonight, mmmm. S x
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