Just want reasurance as to what my tum is doing!

I found out i was pg about a wk and a half a go and for the 1st fews days I was experiencing period like pains but these have now passed and apart from little twinges every now and again everything feels back to normal so not really feeling anything much - has this been the experience of anyone else? think im being a bit of a worry wart today but at least i can put my mind at rest. x


  • You can get pains like that in preg. I still get occasionally and im 18 wks. I think its just your body getting ready and that. Dont worry unless its severe or you get bleeding. hope all goes well. xx
  • its your ligaments and womb stretching hun. I had exactly the same thing and was ded worried. asked to doc and she said it was completley normal. Its just your body getting ready for the baby.
    its ok to be a worry wart, i mithered the life out of my sister in law in those first few weeks.
    have you seen mw yet? write a list of everything you want to discuss with her as you will prob forget when you get in there!
    x x
  • Hi hun, just wanted to echo what the other girls have written and reassure you that the aches & pains you're getting are completely normal.

    I found it one of the most surprising symptoms of early pregnancy - period type pains and then all the aches & some quite sharp pains as your ligaments start to stretch. I would say that most of these passed for me by about 20+ weeks so try not to worry hun and I hope everything progresses fine for you...xx


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