Taking the piss

I need to rant cause if I dont I might upset my new neighbours.
They are currently renovating the house next door so lots of loud drilling sawing banging sanding etc etc... everyday and everynight which was fine cause he asked us if it was a problem and we said no it fine as long as your done for around 8pm as we have a 2 year old who needs to go to bed then but this past week its getting later and later and im getting really wound up if I go round im gonna get stressed out and at 35wks that not a good thing they are drilling now and it so loud I think its so out of order at this time.
Is it just me..


  • no your right hun i would go bloody mental !! im sure there is some law to what time they can only work up til !! its god damn rude !!
  • I would just go round in the morning or now if you want and just let them know they are annoying you and they are stopping your 2 year old from sleeping. remind them that you said you didn't mind if they were finished by eight and that it;s know 9-15. Don't be nasty and see what they say.
  • No I wouldn't be very happy either, 9pm is way too late anyway whether you've got a child and are pregnant or not.x
  • Take a deep breath and go round and explain the situation to him. If its somethind you've already agreed on then it shouldn't be a problem.
    Its easy for me to say but I know that if I were in your position my hubby would have to hold me back!
  • Might wait till hubby gets in and send him hes calmer than me at the moment what with hormones and sleepless nights lol
  • i know how you feel i had the same prob with my next door naighbour,when she moved in she had people in re-doing the house, she told me to let her know if the noise gets to much, i told her make as much noise as she likes in the day as long as its not before 9am and after 8pm as thats when my daughter is in bed,she said ok,but the next day i had bangging against mine and my daughters bedroom walls at 5.30am i was fumming i went straight round there,she turned it down but we dont really talk now,i think she thinks im a moaning cow cause i went round complaining but 5.30am is taking the mik.lol
    i dont blame u for getting fed up i wasnt pregnant at the time and i think i would be even more anoyed then, i think somethin needs to be said to them xx



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  • I can sympathise.. our neighbours on one side have been doing the house up for over a year off and on and sometimes I have been ready to kill them. They don't often go on too late in the evening but they stopped drilling at around 9pm. They did say let them know if the noise was too much and I said it had got annoying sometimes, but the times hubby went round to tell them to turn the music down - it was too loud for them to hear him yelling up the stairs. Its not too bad most of the time..it just interupts my nice relaxing baths to be able to hear them.

    If htye haven't finished by the time baby is here i'm gonna go round and tell them to pack in the noise after 6.30 pm - I think thats quite reasonable considering how much we've put up with it. I'm hoping it won't be a problem though cause they did say they were hoping to be sorted byt he end of this month.

    I have the neighbours dog on the other side that does my head in..I'm trying to keep a more accurate log of the barking and i'm gonna have to confront them cause i'm sick of it..and i'm not having baby disturbed every time their dumb dog is in the yard barking as i go by the window or as anyone goes down the alleyway, or whenever we go in the yard.!!

    Try not to get too stressed out.. its not good for you or the baby - and yes I know its easier said than done...I've had my share of rants at the stupid dog or the drilling and banging...and a couple of times we've gone out just to get away from it!
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