spotting during pregnancy?

I found out I was pg on sunday after doing god knows how many tests, I finally believed it. think I'm roughly about 5 weeks pg.

well today i started to bleed, think its just spotting so far but I'm terrified I'm having a mc. has anyone on here had bleeding this early in their pg and then gone on to have the baby?


  • thank you so much for your reply. i'm really really worried.

    i spoke to my GP on the phone yesterday, went to see him today. hubby took the day off work today to go to docs with me. the doc was really helpful but did say that nothing would show up on a scan this early. we asked loads of questions in the docs. he's said from what I've told him it could just be blood from the neck of the womb, and said for me to do another HPT on sunday/monday morning and then go back and see him at 8.30am and we'll take it from there.

    monday is supposed to be my booking in appointment with my docs as i haven't even done that yet, i was supposed to be seeing a diff dr for my booking in but he's transferred my appointment to him as he knows the history.

    i will keep you updated on whats happening.I'm glad to hear that your little pip made it. its reassuring to know that blood doesn't always mean mc. if you dont mind me asking what was your bleeding like? so far mine has just been there when i wipe, hasn't made it onto my underwear or panty liner and think its a pinky/brown in colour.

  • thank you Lynne - congrats on the birth of your daughter.

    I'm trying to keep positive,but its so hard. i've been to the loo loads today to check whats going on.

    hopefully i should know more by monday when i next visit my doc. i really couldn't fault him today he was soo lovely. i was worried about seeing him cos i've heard some horrible reports on here where ladies have been to their docs and treated awful, so was really relieved that he was lovely and really calming.

  • Hi,
    I have the same thing. My spotting started last night and I was terrified something was wrong. Luckely I had a scan already scheduled for today and the docs said I'm approx 5 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. I have had some dark brown discharge today aswell but they say this is normal and just a bit of old blood being pushed out.
    I however was informed that if the colour changes to a bright red (normal period) then I would have to go back to hospital immediately.

    Good luck hun...and don't stress...I'm sure everything is ok.

    Just go and see your doc and make sure. But don't stress yourself out....more than likely you having the same thing as me.

  • Hi Nadine.

    I'm really hoping my GP books me in for a scan if I still get a positive on monday when i go see him. you must be able to see something at 5 weeks if thats how far on you are. whats your edd? going by the first day of my last af i would be due 28th June but I think i ov'd late so think i'll be due beginning of July, which i why i put myself at about 5 weeks even though the GP would put me at 6 weeks.

    I'm trying not to worry, been talking to hubby about names this morning as I'm really trying to think positive about it all.

    we've still not told our parents, we were going to tell them on weds night about the PG but they weren't in so never got round to it and then i started bleeding on thurs. we decided that once we know on monday whether it pos or neg then we'll let them know whats been going on.


  • Hi Hun,

    I thought I was 7 weeks. But after the scan they reckon I'm about 5 weeks. I went according to the first day of my last period. But that date may have been wrong, or I just ovulated really late.

    The doc's will be able to see something at 5 weeks. But they have to use an internal scan. It's harmless, just helps the docs see things better.

    Have you had any more bleeding?
  • i had bleeding early on with both viable pregnancies. lo is now 5 and healthy(although i did keep bleeding in that pg) and am 34 weeks with this one.
    Gp may refer you but they like to really wait til 6 weeks when they may not have to do an internal scan.
    Hope bleeding has stopped for you and take care
    Filo x
  • Congratulations on you bfp, i've had spotting on and off during the whole of my pregnancy, it really scares me but lo has been fine. Ring your doctors if your worried its always best to be on the safe side. Take care and put your feet up for a while xxx
  • thank you so much to all of you.

    i've had the the pink/brown spotting since thursday morning, it seemed to have gone a bit last night but this morning when i've been to the loo i've had quite a bit of dark brown mucusy stuff (eeeurrrgh). at the minute there doesn't seem to be anything.

    i've not had any pain, other than a touch of belly ache but i think thats down to trapped wind as i've not been able to go to the loo for a couple of days. since i ov'd i've been having twinges in my left and right sides every now and again but i wouldn't say it was painful.

    i'm gona test on monday morning before i go to docs, if it still says PREGNANT, I'm gona ask if he'll book me in for an early scan because of whats been going on.

  • Sounds like you having the same as me hun.
    I really don't think it's anything to worry about. I've been doing a bit of reading on it and it seems that one quarter of woman suffer from some sort of bleeding during the first few weeks. And 90% go on to have a perfectly healthy baby.

    But good luck with the doc's on Monday and let us know how it all goes.

    Have a fab weekend, and don't stress!

  • I've been naughty again and done another test (even though doc told me not to and to wait). the 2nd line came up straightaway, the quickest it has with any of the tests I've done and the line is a lot darker too. I'm hoping thats a good thing.

    will def be back on here on monday to report what happens at the docs.

  • Hi ladies

    Just to let you know been to see the doc again this morning. He's now referred me to the EPU. My appointment is for tomorrow morning for blood tests, US and maybe an internal scan.

    I'm really nervous about it and worrying that they're gona tell me I'm losing my little pip. I'm terrified of needles too, feel sick thinking about it

  • aww hun it'll be ok i'm sure.
    The waiting is the worst bit and you'll fell better when you see bean. Nobody likes needles so dont look and ask to lie down beforehand if you think you may faint. Take care and fingers crossed
    Filo x
  • thanks filo.

    I keep thinking about what it will be like to see my little pip tomorrow but then i started thinking about what if they tell me its all over. I'm sat at work with tears in my eyes. but think I'd rather be here keeping busy than sat at home on my own.

    I think I'm gona have to go to EPU on my own tomorrow too, dont think hubby can have the time off, they're being really funny with him and no-one else knows about the pg yet. not told anyone as we started having probs more or less as soon as we found out so not had chance to tell anyone.

  • i had bleeding at 7 and 13 weeks and everything turned out fine,its probably just implantion bleed since your only 5 weeks,they might not do a internal as your so early on,i know some epu wont as they will only see the pregnancy sac but if they do dont worry its normal just to see this at a early stage and they will make you come back in a few weeks to have another look,try and not worry,easier said than done,you havent got long to wait now,bleeding in pregnancy is a lot more common than you think.good luck even though iam sure you wont need it. :\)


  • Hey there. Was wondering what happened today with your appointment.
    Good to hear they are reffering you to EPU.

    Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how it all goes.

    Don't stress yourself, it's probably nothing serious. I'm still having same probs with dark brown discharge....have doc appointment on Wed.

    You'll be fine and be calm.

    Chat soon
  • we went to my mums straight from work, she read the card and was over the moon (said she had a feeling thats why we'd popped down last weds night), told her everything that had been happening, she's cancelled the meeting she had planned for this morning and is coming to the EPU with me. Mums adamant that pip is absolutely fine. We then went to tell hubby's folks, well his stepmum read the card about 3 times, cried & screamed that loud I think the whole of the City must know by now !!! ha ha


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  • Good luck at the EPU today. Hope everything is ok.

    Let us kow how you get on hun.

    B x
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