Hi Girls <3 Braxton Hicks?

High girls,
Since last night I have been having quite uncomfortable BH.
I have been having them for a good few weeks now, none have been painful, until last night.

I decided to go to bed, and then i woke at 5am with pains again, they were coming and going evry 10 or so minutes, however i did not actually time them.

They wore off at about 6.30 and continued with period type pains.

I then went back to sleep and work at 9am (thanks to my cat meowwwwing her little head off)
I had slight period pains that wore off.

Since 9am i have had a few BH that are painful.

Is it normal for BH to hurt?



  • Hi,

    I had been experiencing painful bh on and off for the last two weeks, when I saw the midwife last I asked her and she said that although they say they are normally just uncomfortable, the later you get in pregnancy the more likely they are to get painful as they are preparing the body for the real thing. However she did say that if it continues or is at regular intervals it is better to get things checked out, in case it is the early stages of labour.

    Jules 35+ w
  • hey hun, braxton hicks shouldnt hurt, maybe you should ring your mw? just to be checked out and to be on the safe side.

    Hannah 29+5 xxx
  • Hi Aimz!

    BH shouldnt hurt hun, just a tightening feeling.
    I thought i was having BH in Dec and got kept in overnight for observation as they were painful and hospital confirmed they were real contractions.
    How many weeks are you again?

    Hope ur ok!
    Sharon xx


  • Thanks for the advice ladies.

    Im 38 weeks today :]
    I was thinking of calling the the labour ward this afternoon,
    I dont like to think i may be wasting anyones time.
    Im still getting the odd pain but i think I will see how i get on tonight and if they stay the same or get worse I will call in the morning image

    Sharon, what are you still doing here girl?
  • Ohhh 38 weeks! Cud be real deal hun!

    See if u go before me, i will shout at u!! lmao :lol:

    I wish i could say that i am typing from my hosptial bed, but i aint lol

  • LOL Sharon.
    Your going to be joining us in feb forum you know.

    i have'nt had any contractions since my last post.
    Sooo just think my bodys parctising for the 'real deal'

    Haaaa, just as i wrote that I had one...LOL! what the hell! Body & baby are playing tricks on me image

  • Tell me bout it!!
    I had a couple in bath, few twinges and pains tonight that i havent felt before, but nothing really to report, body still playing tricks i think :cry:

    I bet i am in feb forum lmao :lol:

    Sharon xx


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