Did anyone see Neighbours?

Did anyone see the ultrasound of Camilla's baby? When they said it was 7 weeks I just laughed!!! I said to my mum that it looked more like 15-16 weeks. Anyone else think it looked totally wrong?


  • As soon as I saw this post I knew what the content was all about before reading it - yep that was not a 7wk scan.... Guess a blob with a heartbeat wouldn't have been as impressive!
  • I missed it - but totally out of thread - why is the father ? i didnt realise she was pregnant !

  • How many weeks are you and do you know what your having?

    21 weeks and I am having a surprise baby! lol! We were convinced it was a boy until the scan and we didn't see any evidence (although we didn't ask) so now my hubby is convinced it's a girl.
  • oh my word!!! ive missed it for a few days! whos baby is it???? not ringo? surely they didnt! oliver? argh why do i miss things. was it really lame, like a full grown child in ther!! ha ha neighbours is always so dramatic thats why we love it.
  • It's Olivers...Ringo and Camilla didn't do the deed so to speak.
  • It's Olivers...Ringo and Camilla didn't do the deed so to speak.

    Thank goodness for that - Ringo is just creepy!

    I really should get out more!! :\)
  • what do you think it is about olivers dad??? sorry i think we should start a neighbours forum.
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