Hello everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the site! My name is Clare and I live in Cheshire. I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have a wonderful boyfriend who's name is Jimi. We will also be moving in together soon in our own placeimage

Would be nice to hear back of anyone who wants to let me know about them

Clare xxx


  • Hi Clare.

    Im new as well, im 19 weeks pregnant with my 1st. Got my second scan tomrrow, find out the sex.

    My bf too is brill- we live together in a lovely house ( hard work though hehe ) have a chalet in west wales which i will be escaping to when the summer starts and so does my maternity leave !

    Have you had ur scan yet? x
  • Hi Clare,
    Im kerry from Manchester, this is my second baby, ive got an 18mth old. Im nearly 22wks have had both of my scans but gota go for a re-scan on 3rd march, coz my baby is been naughty. Wen r u due? Kerry xxx

  • Hello all thanks for your responses, I'm liking this site already.

    To answer all your questions I have already had two scans, one at 8 weeks due to spotting, then last week (11weeks) because I had a really bad bleed, like a period, they made me wait two days to have a scan (shocking really) to find out whether I had lost the baby. Luckily tho everything was fine and baby was happily moving around which I can tell you was the best thing I have ever seen in my life and such a relief .
    I have my first midwife appointment on Thursday which I am looking forward to and my official dating scan on 12th March, according to my other scans I will be around 14 weeks by then so am hoping for a good picture image The estimated due day they have given so far is 12th / 13th September, seems like ages away but I am sure it'll fly.

    Want to hear something interesting?? I have two sisters and all of us are pregnant!! haha My elder sister is due today (no sign of him yet tho) my younger sister is due in April.

    Loevly to hear from you all xxx
  • im claire, im sarah just reaching 21weeks now. half way yipee!!!!
    congrats on the pregnancy hope your happy.
    This will be my first child, the fathers name is jason, but we had a rough patch and im going to moving out for when baby comes. xxx
  • Hi Sarah, ooo half way, lucky you!!
    Sorry to hear about your rough patch, hope things work out.

    Looking forward to having a good moan to all over the coming months YAY hehe xxx
  • well you def cam to thr right place to moan. its great here.
  • Hi Claire, welcome and congrats! I am 24 weeks & 3days now, and you are right it does go so fast! Hope all goes well at your scan and you get a good picture. My scan picture on here was done at 14 so fingers crossed!
  • Hi Clare

    Welcome to the site - its fab for tips / advice or generally for a good old moan (if you need to!!).

    Congratulations on your pregnancy too by the way! Bet you cant wait til your scan - i just loved both of mine!

    Im pregnant with our first baby (a girl) and she is due on 10th April so on countdown now! We have just got the spare room nicely decorated (in lemon just in case the scan was wrong :lolimage and i am due to finish work at the end of March and really looking forward to a few weeks of rest before baby arrives!!

    Good luck with your pregnancy.



    33 wks
  • Hi Clare

    I'm Tracey i'm 20+5, I live in Kendal Cumbria with my hubby Martin and 4yr son Jay.

    Congrats xx
  • Hi Clare,
    I'm Kerry I am 23 weeks with number 2 (a boy) this site is great I have been a member since before I had my little girl who is now 18 months.
    Good luck with your pregnancy, September will be here before you know it.
  • Hi Clare
    I'm Lizzy and am 22+4 with our first baby, can't believe am over half way already!

    Congratulations and good luck

  • wow arnt u popular!! im marie 10 weeks pregnant with my second have a beautiful little boy aged 2 called Ellis. live with my husband in Leyland nr Preston.

    good luck hun!! xx
  • Hi Clare! I'm Rachel and I'm 39+6 wks pregnant. Me and hubby, Andrew, have a son, 2yrs 5 months. Welcome to the site! Love rachel XXX
  • Thankyou all for your lovely welcome!!

    I am so excited about goin through this experience.

    Good Luck to you all. I look forward to joining in to all the other chats, although I am sure I will post a few topics of my own!!

    Speak to you all soon xxx
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