Stiffness and pain - can anyone offer any advice?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can offer me any advice... I'm 14 weeks today and over the past few weeks I've been noticing that my pelvic area and groin get quite stiff when i'm sat down a lot. I have an office based job and I notice that as I get up to make a cup of tea or go to the loo through the day, I feel really quite sore sometimes and like I need to walk slowly until I loosen up.

I've played a lot of sport in the past and have never felt this type of stiffness so presume its something to do with my pregnancy and pelvic movement.

I'm seeing my midwife again in a couple of weeks and will mention it then but as usual.. dont really want to make a fuss before then ... can easily tolerate it as long as I know everything is ok with our baby!!

many thanks in advance!


  • Could be PSD - Try googling Pelvic Symphysis Disorder.

    Im 24 weeks and have it pretty bay. Its awful

  • oh crikey hate to be bearer of bad news but it could be start of SPD ive had from about 14weeks and it gets worse and worse. i can only describe 3 diff types of pain. pubic bone is sore constantly like being kicked. two ligaments between thighs are tight and sore and then in bed the sides of ur bum n hips go dead like being punched and when you get up its like they gonna pop out or just dont work. theres no cure other than pain killers but if it is that and its bearable at mo dont start on the paracetemol yet cos u may build up a reistance. i have 2 at bedtime and two in morning. hope its not that and your body just adjusting slightly. keep us posted xxx
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