Advice needed - contains TMI

Hi girls,

just looking for a quick bit of advice really - i have tried calling the doctors but they cut me off in the phone system - grrrrr
Also as i am based in America now - i dont know why but i would prefer the help from english girls...

I went for a pap smear on Monday - all very good quick and easy. As this was my predicted OV day also (only by website info - not ov sticks) DH and i Bd on the Tuesday morning

DH is now complaining of thrush symptoms so is using cream - i tried to get him the Diflucan capsule but you cant buy it over the counter here. I now have a lot more CM very white lotiony.. Im not a sufferer of Thrush although i think i may have got it from the doctor using latex gloves and causing an irritation.. kind of something i used to get with condoms..... anyway its not bad for me and i was hoping the increase in CM was a pg sign (prob not now)

What i want to know is - has anyone that has been pregnant before used the internal pessery you can buy over the counter - all the boxes say ask the doctor first !!!! - i think i am 4DPO

RB x


  • You can use them - I was on antibiotics when I was pregnant and was prescribed a pessery for thrush. Check with the pharmacist - they should be able to advise you
  • Hi I'm pregnant and got trush a few weeks ago and doctor perscribed be canesten pessery. Can you get that in america? cos he assured me that was fine to take. xxx
  • perfect - thanks girls. I managed to pick up one with the same ingredient as Canestan. Ill use it.

    Oh the joys of all this trying to get pregnant :LOL:

    thanks again - funny the doctors still havent called back - flippin useless xx
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