Just looking a head but could anybody suggest some prams. We would like one that faces forward for new borns some and one that comes maybe as a set with a car seat for new borns??

K xx


  • we are having the bugaboo and it was really the only pram i liked. it has great reviews to. it does face forward for a newborn aswell. the car seat from maxi cosi will fit on this pram aswell but you have to buy it separately.
  • im having a bugaboo too but the bee as its more compact and half the price image the maxi cosi fits on this one too if you buy the clips
    claire x
  • Hi k-lou. We were naughty last week and bought our pram. I really needed cheering up and hubby was on half term so we had time to look at LOADS! In the end we've gone for the quinny buzz 4. The new edition with the carry cot and maxi cosi car seat. We got the colour called raccoon. Its lovely! Lisa x
  • I'll be checking out all the lovely prams on Saturday at the baby show! I went there before and they had a test track so you could try the buggies out and get a feel for them. I want to try the mutsy, quinny buzz 4 and britax vigour xxx

    Cat 16+4
  • We've got the Joolz from Mamas and Papas, its in lime green and I get so excited everytime I think about pushing baby Angus around in it - so very proud!!! LOL

    Only a bit more to pay off on Friday and then we should get it delivered to Mum's in a few weeks. We've ordered the car-seat and isofix base from M&P too.

    Joo xxx
  • we got the quinny speedi sx as it looks roomier than the buzz. its also a bit cheaper.

    got the maxi cosi car seat and isofix base - which is a doddle to fit into the car. my hub was so pleasantly surprised, it only took him about 10 mins!!
  • Hey hun we are getting the "my choice range" from mothercare faces both ways, pram and pushchair and the car seat clips on too!
  • Hi we are getting the Quinny Buzz 3 in a really funky capri blue colour and getting the car seat to go with it as well. In some places these are pretty pricey but on ebay you can get them brand new for ??375 all together for the push chair and the car seat! You can also get the carrycot but we're not gonna bother. Have a look on the Quinny website.
  • Hey hun, We have the bebe confort Loola i love it! so easy to clip on the car seat, carry cot etc face both ways and folds up sooo small! xx
  • Hi girls thanks for this I will be looking all these up and also checking them all out at the baby show on saturday.

    Katie thats really funny as thats the one I really really like but heard some bad reviews and the basket under looks hard to get things in.

    K xx
  • We have also ordered the bebe comfort Loola.

    We have the carrycot to use downstairs for sleeping as well as out and about and the car seat which apparently comes top in alot of reviews and lays flatter than other seats.

    Then the pushchair bit folds up really small- like a golf buggy! We went for black, but it comes in red too.
  • Hiya

    we've bought the bebe confort streety, which i think is a slightly more compact version of the loola. mainly because we're short of space, and it folds up really small, and it's also very light which is good as I'll have to get it up and down stairs! also the carrycot attachment can be used in the car, it come with all the bits, so you can use that if you're going on longer journeys and want the baby lying flat instead of in a usual car seat.

    have fun test-driving them!
    aileen xx
  • i also have the silvercross 3d from my first, which unfortunatly we will be using this time, as couldnt afford a new one. I wouldnt reccomend it at all. We had nothing but problems with it when we first got it, and had to take it back and get a new one! And now the wheels have started locking up on it, oh had a look at it the other day cos he thought the wheels just needed tightening- but he said theres no way of tightening them!!
    I really like the look of the my choice range from mothercare and also the mutsy.
  • don't get the silver cross 3d, it's awful, so many probs with them!
    the MyChoice from Mothercare is really good, similar to the Bugaboo Cameleon but half the price!!! it takes the Maxi Cosi car seat too!
    yes i work for Mothercare but i truly do love this pram!!
    before it came out, the Bugaboo was my fav but this has taken over!!!!!!

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  • We also have the bugaboo camelion i love it, also you can change the colours whenever you fancy a change.

  • we have ordered the joolz from mamas and papas too...hopefully will finish payng it off soon and have it delievered, they have been really flexible with the colours and said we can change our mind about the colour up until the end of march (which is good because we keep changing our mind. At the moment we are getting the carry cot in the purple and the 'main seat' in black, but think we might change that to green. hmmmmmmmm. its tricky because we didnt find out the sex, so want to make sure it will be 'suitable' for either.
  • We will be getting the bugaboo - I think it is very practicle, can face towards you or away, the car seat can fit it, has a flat cot for new borns and then becomes upright later, and looks fab! It might be a bit more ?????? but once you add everything in, it is much of a muchness I think! We are waiting till May to get ours as all my family don't want to tempt fate!
  • Hi. I did worry about tempting fate too little toad, but i couldn't resist to buy ours last week. We're leaving it in the shop til july though. Its such a big decision make sure you test lots and try them in your boot too k-lou! X
  • Hi,

    We have bought the Petite star Zia4 in lime, it comes as a travel set with car seat, carrycot/pram and pushchair. It's really light and folds down small so will easily fit in the boot especially if I lose my company car and have to buy a smaller one.

    we had it delivered to mil and there it will stay til bump arrives, have been and had a look at it but that's it. Can't wait to use it though lol

    Sazzle xx
  • We've got the Quinny Buzz 3 and I love it. We got it in the sales after xmas and bought the carrycot, maxi cosi car seat and isofix base too. They do seem very popular though and I see lots of them out and about!

    Bec 28+6 x
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