going c.a.b

hi everyone
me and oh r going to citzens advice today to see what benifits etc we will be entilted to we both work full time and always have although im on 2 weeks hol at the mo and after that start maternity leave.

does anyone have any idea wha we would be able to claim???


  • Hi Hon, no idea as it will depend on what you earn, would be grateful if you can give me an update though when you get back! Tammi xxx
    32.3 weeks
  • yh i will do i just have to drag OH up and out of bed!!!
  • well we got there and were told they were too busy to see us but they have a phone service tomorrow so im gonna call them and try n do it all over the phone
  • You could be entitled to Family Tax Credit if you're earning less than ??30k a year (I think this is the current figure). CAB should be able to help you out - there is also government websites that you can put all your details into and it will tell you all the benefits you can claim.

    Good luck

  • we both worked full time before I went on leave, then stayed off coz I'd rather be at home. we, as every one is, are entitiled to the family tax credits, child tax credits and working families tax (obv this is after LO is born) if you income is under ??15,000 then I think you get the higher family element, if over you don't get much at all. If your OH is still working and earning over ??15,000 you don't get anything else, not even the Surestart grant.

    It's a really unfair system, DH works his ass off and we just about scrape by, according to the figures in Swindon, the average income is over ??22,000, DH brings home ??13,800 and is desperatly trying to get a better job.
  • hiya im going thursday to see what we can get. me and oh have worked our asses off all our lives also and in all the books arnt intitled to much help at all. its a shame really makes you think its all not worth the hastle. oh works every sat and most sundays and i have 2 jobs just to pay mortgage and bills and afford the basics
    hope were all entitled to some help as its so much on my shoulders at the mo knowing that income is going to take a hammering
    good luck xxx
  • when I asked i was told there was nothing else we were entitled to as DH earns a full time wage, if you find anything else or a loophole some where please let us know!
  • Hi i get child benefit at about ??79 per month and ??10 child tax credit,(we have a 20 month old son) i work part time and oh works full time. It makes you sick when you look at how much tax you pay each week out of your wages then when it comes to the government helping you out you get nothing! I worked our tax out the other day we pay (??133 pw council tax, ??15 pm car tax, i pay around ??20pw from my wages and oh pays ??200 pw) and we recieve ??119 per month benefits. How does that work out? and thats not including tax you pay on food,fuel,clothes and basically everything else! but if you have never worked you get benefits handed up left right and centre and have never paid tax. This country is so wrong! God i go on it just winds me up
  • it is bad girls esp when we work so hard all our lives to make ends meet u would think we would get a bit more help???
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