rag doll (major rant warning)

what a rubbish day I've had, I went up to the Hospital to take back my (lovley) 24 urine sample and i ended up seeing my MW, the obstetrician, the junior obstetrician, physo (for breathing!!!), the dietatian and the Anaesthetist. I feel like I'm been prodded and poked and pretty much like a rag doll. all because the junior obstetrician (who I saw on Tues) thinks my BP is high at 123/82. :x

I know its better to be safe than sorry but nobody really explained what was going on to me the whole time I was there. (i arrived at 9.30 am and only finally got out of the there at 2.45pm) My midwife was great however but I'm not happy with the Junior Obstetrician.:x

arghhh sorry girls but i just feel like i had to get it all off my chest

*takes deep breath* and relax.......


  • I know how u feel hun I had my baby last week and it was a nightmare, I hated being hooked up to my drips and monitors with needles sticking in me every 5 seconds. Then they decided I had a high temperature and thought I had an infection so started putting antibiotics in my drip and giving me paracetamol and took about a frickin pint of blood in this massive syringe to test. I was like WTF of course I have a high temperature it is 30 degrees out there and I have been in labour for 2 days! xxx
  • your baby is beautiful tiger lily.. what have you called him?

    sorry to hear that someone else feels (or in your case felt) like a rag doll. wich i had just MW led care now rather than shared care Grrr oh well scan Tomo
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