Not baby related, just need to moan...

Although this has nothing to do with pregnancy I felt I needed to moan and get it off my chest, I got married last year and finally got all the photos which family and friends had ordered yesterday, when I was sifting through them to put them into piles for each person I realised that the one massive picture belonged to my motherinlaw and when I opened the folder it was a picture of her and her son (my hubby) now I wouldnt find this oddd if she had actually had one of me and hubby to but she didnt, she only had that one and a small one of hubby alone and a small one of her side of the family, which I am on.

Now is it me or is it odd not to have one of your only son and his wife on there wedding day? Or is it infact unimportant and just my baby hormones?

I feel like after I have had LO there will be a picture of her, hubby and baby up, without me, the incubator!

I just feel really hurt, not least because I am so unphotogenic normally but the photographer somehow managed to make me look like a flaming pro model. But also cos she has marked our wedding day with a pic that I am not even on. Gutted image


  • No I havent mentioned it to hubby as he can never see his Mum does anything wrong, being an only child and his parents breaking up when he was 3 means its only ever been the 2 of them.

    I dont beleive she does anything intentionally, she just does what she wants all the time.

    I have an odd relationship with her, I dont really get on with her but we dont not if you know what I mean, we are amicable but never going to be close.

    She also has a couple who she is friends with, who granted I have never met and although i told hubby to invite them to the wedding he forgot (bless him he only had 3 invites to do himself and forgot 2) so she has got them a photo, which was nice they have known Rob since he was born, but again its the picture of her and him, feels like my wedding was used as a photo opportunity.

    God I really am a hormonal moaner, listen to me go on!

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  • OMG my mother in law is just as bad ! I also got married last year and when I gave her a lovely, framed, pic of hubby and me she opened a drawer and placed the picture on top of some old magazines ! then..... she said, next time you and Ian come to visit we'll have to get you dressed up so I can get a nice family photo for the mantlepiece. Eh ?? Whas't I dressed up enough on my wedding day ?
    So anyway, I agree, it is a bit odd but I don't think it's anything personal. I also don't think it's intentional. I think my MIL just wants a nice photo that isn't all about me and my wedding day. Which I think is odd but she obviously doesn't.
    We haven't told her that I'm pregnant yet. so I can't imagine what she'll be like about photos of lo. S x
  • LOL Suz, think my MIL will get me to make the tea while her and hubby coo over LO.

    She even asked me if I had put alot of weight on last time I saw her, If only I had fallen in love with an ophan
  • Oh no, I never thought about the weight gain. My MIL will love that I'm putting on weight. She often mentions that she's still carying a few lbs form when she had children, 30 yrs ago! So she'll go on and on about me putting on weight.
    She'll probably offer to order me something from her plus size catalogue book! And I bet she'll predict I'm going to have a big baby. S x
  • This all seems sooo familiar!! My MIL is like this too.....they haven't even bothered ordering a photo from our July wedding yet! She never even said how nice i looked on the day!
    Fortunately my dh is the 1st to say what a nightmare she is & how he cannot be related to his family! She's being as good as gold with me at mo tho....she fell out with my bro-in-law so doesn't get to see one grandchild & was a complete cow with another ex g'friend so doesn't see that grandchild either....she has to tread on thin ice with me coz of this & she knows it. Its great having that bit of control coz i can imagine her saying how things should/shouldn't be done! Only thing i will complain about is that she said to dh that she wants the small part of the birth certificate?!?! Don't think she'll be getting that!!
    Sarah xx
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