hate to ask this ....but

hi been to midwife today 7 wks 2 days gone and been noticing a little discharge is this normal and csn it happen early in pregnancy really embarressed to ask but only noticed it after been to midwife so didnt get chance to ask her any respone would be great x emz


  • Its def normal. Ive had discharge all through my pregnancy, ever since I conceived, so its nothing to worry about.XXX
  • Yup fraid so - and it only gets worse in my experience!!!
  • hi im 22 weeks pregnant and ive had a discharge from almost day one my midwife said its normal
  • hi thanks everyone grea help xx
  • Yep it's normal & yep it increases & yep it's not lovely!
    Sorry if TMI but I find carefree scented individual pant liners a god send- always used them before pregnancy for my own confidence but really appreciate them now!
    Lauren (33+2) xox
  • Yeah, it's normal, I never used to have much before getting pregnant but have loads now, no idea why! xxx
  • i get varying amounts from day to day sometimes lots sometimes hardly any! at around 7 weeks ( i think it was) i had some jelly type discharge which was when the plug was forming which was a new experience haha. is all normal don't worry xxx
  • Yep, mine's got even heavier in the last few days - nice! xxxx


  • thank you these post have really put my mind at ease esp from princessjane saying about the plug thing cos it is like jelly not nice but hey long time to go yet worst luck i hate waiting for anything
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