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Had my 12 week scan, could you help please?

Hi girls

Had my scan yesterday and it wasnt as good as i thought it would be image
I think that because i had a private one at 8 weeks and they were so lovely and made a fuss of you i just kind of expected the same at 12 week one! They were not the friendliest (sp!) of people so didnt want to ask to much, i wondered if you would be able to help me, babys measurement was 61.6mm is this about right?

Mrs S


  • Morning,
    Sorry to hear your scan was not as great as you hoped it would be, I am also 12+6 today!
    I was slightly disapointed with my scan aswell, I had a brand new scan machine and there were 5 people in the room and they were basically being trained what to do. No one really spoke to me directly about the baby, they didn't even tell me there was a heartbeat. I just knew there must be as the baby was moving around and waving. When measuring nuchal fold they were asking each other is this the right bit and I thought I bloody hope so!
    The only good thing was we got to stare at screen and watch baby wiggling around for ages as they were learning what buttins to press. I know people have to learn as was honoured to be the first person to be scanned with new machine, but just felt they could have talked to me more about my baby.
    My baby measured 64mm and I was dated at 12+5 on that day so your measurement sounds just right.
    I think that when you pay privately they make a fuss of you as your paying and they want you to come back and pay again!
    Lets hope our next scans are better.
  • Ah sorry to hear that you didnt have a good experience either!
    I have just booked a private one for 16 weeks just to make me feel better so only just over 3 weeks to go!
  • I've found the same thng with the NHS ones - some sonographers seem to forget this is MY baby, just because they do it all day, its a special time for me.
    I've had a private scan too and it was so much better that I'm considering a 4d one at 28 weeks.
    Your measurements are spot on hun


  • Sorry that neither of you had good experiences, what a shame image

    To answer your question, my baby measured 57mm at 12+1 so I think your measurement sounds just right.

  • Thank you, you've all made me feel alot better! image
  • Hu hun

    I hated my 12 weeks scan to be hoenst I felt so let down when I left. I had a 9 weeks scan done at Baby Bond and loved it and then I went for my 12 weeks one, was 13 weeks then and they hurt when they pushed in to see the baby, the baby was asleep which they never said at first so I was worried she was not moving. the pictures were rubbish I could not make out what I was looking at and we were in and out, they hardly let us see her. Hubby had to wait outside first of all and then he was let it once they had done what they wanted.

    Mine was 62 mm so I would say that is fine honey image I paid for a 16 week gender scan and that was amazing, I saw her hiccuping and kicking her legs and arms about it was great.

    I have my last NSH one next tuesday and in a way I ma not looking forward to it but now I will know what to expect

    K XX
    21 Weeks
  • At 12+4 I was 63.8mm so sounds good - they dont make as much of a fuss over you at the hospital scans unfortunately - thats why Ive saved my 4D private one till last!!


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